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Ten cops seize kids. Birmingham. Contains very distressing recordings

27th Dec 2007 | in Social Care

This is the most painful vid I have seen regarding the secret courts. What you hear is three children stripped from their mother because she was accused of slapping her eleven year old of which the child denies and the police have no evidence and this is the results of the secret family courts. All three children are now in care under a full care order. Very distressing recordings of events and one we must have a say on because listening to those children and their mum was abuse and something i found very sad to hear goes on but this is a regular occurance and is normally done at the home only this time it was in a court room where the children begged to be with their mum and stay at home. The mother went voluntarily to the court. Thankyou to my contact for passing this onto me. The social worker involved in this ought to be removed and the judge ought to be barred and never allowed to sit in a family court ever again. This is abuse if the system by those who misuse their power because they can. Family courts must be opened to ensure this never happens again.



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