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Peado’s and rapists can list their address as bus stop or park bench. Loophole in sex offenders reg

29th Sep 2008 | in Child Protection

Mappa, the organisation responsible for the list, said homeless offenders can nominate “any place where they may be regularly found”.
The glitch emerged after the case of homeless serial sex pest Darren Hellowell, 29.
He failed to sign on the register after receiving a suspended sentence. Before jailing him for nine months for breaching the sentence, judge Anthony Scott-Gall asked how cops keep tabs on the homeless.
Prosecutor Barbara Down told him at Lewes Crown Court: “It is perfectly acceptable to sign the register with a particular bus stop or public bench as your home address.”
The judge said: “That’s quite astonishing.” The Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre UK branded the register “a sham”.


  • On 29th Sep 2008 at 02:10 PM michaelmac said...

    This show just how much our government care about the welfare of children, Very high risk offenders are monitored once every month, In that time if i was a paedophile i could be raping children any where in Europe, The reason i can say this i have never bought a ticket to go out of this country, But have been out loads of times, And only once have i had to show my passport

  • On 4th Oct 2008 at 04:36 PM Teresa said...

    Its a joke how the system allows this to happen.

    It makes me too angry andthey wonder why child abuse is rife in the UK

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