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Ofsted- Glaxo. Paul Blackburn Glaxo resign’s from Ofsted board

11th Jul 2008 | in General News

It was a very good result and may this situation not only show us what can be acheived when we speak up but show bodies such as Ofsted that when they make such ill thought out decisions it will not go unchallenged or unoticed. May it be a reminder to such bodies including drug companies that we will not be detered when it comes to the welfare of anyone their decisions will affect.

Vunerable adults and children today have a right to a voice and those campaigning should be proud of such an achievement in giving that voice.

Paul Blackburn’s resignation should be followed by Ed Balls immediate resignation because such a bad decision falls on his lap.

Bob Fiddamanmay I thank you on behalf of myself and no2abuse for your efforts, for promptly informing us of the results on your site and for providing people with a place to speak up.

May I also thank Liz Davies, Phil Frampton and everyone else who has spoken out and made this achievable

We have a long way to go and one thing I have learnt is uniting together makes a huge difference and I urge survivors, groups and those with websites to unite and stand strong because there are so many vunerable people who need to be give a voice. This has proved it can be done

Visit Fiddaman’s blogfor more information

Well done everyone


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