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Glaxo- OFSTED- What next - Teenscreen?

6th Jul 2008 | in General News

Are our children going to be next on the list for teenscreen? Never say never when OFSTED make such innapropriate decisions on the education, health and safety of children by appointing Glaxo as a board member but would you trust Ed Balls and Glaxo? There is so much information on this topic on the net

Take a look at the links below and in the article in the first link, it says this and I quote

“Mr Mills shared his interview with Dr Shaughnessy at the ICSPP conference, in which the Professor called TeenScreen “a program aimed at locating, identifying and procuring new customers for the mental health industry.”

  He says TeenScreen is a creation of psychiatrist David Shaffer, a paid spokesman for Lilly and paid consultant for drug companies Hoffman la Roche, Wyeth and


. TeenScreen started out by claiming the program was free and required no government funding. But as it turns out, taxpayers are funding this marketing scheme from start to finish. Government money is being used to set up TeenScreen in schools all over the US and tax dollars are paying not only for the follow-up visits to prescribing shrinks but also for the majority of drugs prescribed

The children labeled as a result of the teenscreen testsare alarming because of the drugs they inevitably end up on are drugsthat are causing serious and widespread concerns, Ritalin, Xanax, Celexa, Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Thorazine, Luvox and other similar drugs which are known bypharmaceutical companies to cause depression, violence, suicide and homocide.

This is on many others sites and I quote

“Origin of TeenScreen? A drug company paid psychiatrist! David Shaffer

TeenScreen was developed by psychiatrist David Shaffer. Shaffer is a consultant and apologist of pharmaceutical companies. Shaffer has served as an expert witness for various drug companies and a consultant on various psychotropic drugs.
  The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention sent out a press release on May 8, 2000, that said Shaffer was their president and they had just released a national survey they had done on suicide. The funder of the survey? A pharmaceutical company. Shaffer’s American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has also received $1,250,000 from yet another drug company.
  Shaffer attempted to block negative British findings

In December of 2003 British drug regulators recommended against the use of antidepressants in the treatment of depressed children under 18 because some of the drugs had been linked to suicidal thoughts and self-harm. According to a December 11, 2003, New York Times article, Shaffer tried to block the agencies effort to warn parents and protect children. The newspaper reports that Shaffer, at the request of a maker of psychotropic drugs, sent a letter to the British drug agency saying that there was insufficient data to restrict the use of the drugs in adolescents.”

Here’s a few links that are of interest especially the first one

This is interesting on the last link inc above

This is on another website

I quote

“Despite years of public outcry, based on recommendations by President Bush’s New Freedom Commission to screen all school children for mental illness, TeenScreen is now being administered in the nation’s public school system and children are being regularly diagnosed with one, or more, disorders chosen from the close to 400 listed in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV” (DSM), also known as the psychiatric “Billing Bible.”

The list of mental disorders to chose from when diagnosing children mentally ill with TeenScreen, are “voted” into the Billing Bible by members of the American Psychiatric Association, and include, among others, conduct disorder, avoidant personality disorder, mathematics disorder, reading disorder, disorder of written expression, general anxiety disorder, nightmare disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and factious disorder.”

and this one is on another “Here’s a statistic that is rarely mentioned in news reports: In nearly every school shooting incident, the children and teens involved were already taking one or more psychiatric drugs or had just recently come off them, and had been under the care of a psychiatrist or mental health practitioner. The same is true for the majority of child and teen suicides they were already on some type of psychiatric drug program that was supposed to be treating their “mental illness” yet they killed themselves anyway.”

Scary isn’t it?


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