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Confessions of a Paedo

11th Sep 2008 | in Child Abuse

Douglas Alexander, 72, penned the stomach-churning note after one of his tiny victim’s relatives begged him to tell the truth about what he’d done.
The paedophile pensioner filled one side of an A4-sized sheet of paper with graphic details of how he had abused the schoolgirl.
He was charged two months later and now faces jail after pleading guilty yesterday to commiting acts of indecency on the youngster.
Last night a friend of the child’s family said: “Alexander is a sick old man — he deserves everything he gets.
Beast ... evil Alexander
“He preyed on this poor little girl and took advantage of her family’s trust.
“They were absolutely devastated when they found out what had happened.
“Alexander always made a big deal about how he was an ex-cop. Everyone thought he was really respectable and beyond reproach.
“But all the while he was looking for excuses to be alone with this little girl so he could target her.”
The family friend added: “He’s a predatory paedophile and should NEVER be free to walk the streets.
“They should just lock him up and throw away the key.”
Glasgow Sheriff Court heard yesterday that Alexander, from Rutherglen, near Glasgow, started abusing the girl in 2005.
Prosecutor John Slowey said the pensioner often looked after the girl and her sister.
He started to molest her one night when she was staying at his house.
Mr Slowey said: “The girl awoke to find that her pyjama bottoms had been removed.
“She asked him to stop and he did. She never told anyone about it at this time.
“On another occasion the accused suggested to the girl she should go for a lie-down in the bedroom.”
And the twisted pensioner then lay down beside the girl — and began abusing her again.
The prosecutor added: “He did this on several occasions, generally following the same pattern.”
Mr Slowey said that on one occasion the girl recalled Alexander removing his clothing and showing her his private parts, which he called his “Tinky Winky”.
It was a year later that the little girl plucked up enough courage to tell her sister, who immediately alerted their mum.
The distraught youngster was taken by her mother to see her GP, who called in social services.
Alexander was then confronted by an angry relative of the girl — and he admitted: “Ah done it.”
We can reveal that a short while later — on January 24, 2007 — he penned the note in which he confessed his crimes.
He wrote: “I, Douglas Alexander, admit sexually abusing ******, residing at ******, nearly a year ago.
“I would read ****** a story on the bed, put my arm around her shoulder. With my other hand I put down . . .
“I think I have done this four or five times during the year.”
Extract ... Alexander’s confession
The fiend goes on to tell how he exposed himself to the little girl.
He continues: “I then explained to her what happens when you get married.”
Alexander finally appeared in the dock yesterday afternoon.
He was crying and appeared shaken.
He admitted using lewd, indecent and libidinous practices towards the girl at his home on various dates between January 1, 2005, and March 15, 2006.
Alexander was also charged with breaching bail conditions by approaching the youngster on July 23 last year — but his plea of not guilty was accepted by the Crown. Sentence was deferred for background reports. But Sheriff Robert Anthony ordered Alexander to be put on the sex offenders’ register.
Outside court, the disgraced ex-cop refused to discuss his time as a serving officer.
But the victim’s mum, who was at court, claimed the pervert had boasted about being a HERO.
She said: “Alexander told us that while in the police he’d helped to find two children who had gone missing in Glasgow’s Barrowfield district in the 1970s — and that he’d been called a hero.
“But he is NOT a hero.
“My daughter is still suffering today and still thinks he is going to come back and get her.”
The housewife added: “We are good-hearted people but we want Alexander to face justice so my daughter can see a very bad man being punished.
“If he is sent to jail for even a short time then we can finally start to move forward with our lives.
“My daughter is a lovely girl who loves dogs and teddy bears.
“I do not want her life ruined by this.”
Last night a Strathclyde Police spokesman confirmed that Alexander was an ex-cop, but was unable to say whether he had served with the Strathclyde force or its predecessor, the City of Glasgow Police.


  • On 3rd Jul 2009 at 06:54 AM melizza said...

    Its people in authority that are the worst offenders.They hide behind their titles.I am feeling sicker than i did before, coz now i know IM NOT PARANOID.Everyone is capable of sex abuse, its been proved.I didnt trust anybody with my boys.Only myself.

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