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CICA make lousy £9000 award to a child abducted and abused

25th Aug 2008 | in Child Abuse

Press Assoc.

A schoolgirl who was assaulted by a paedophile as a toddler has been awarded £9,000 damages, it was reported.

The girl was three-years-old when Craig Sweeney, 26, abducted her from her Cardiff home before subjecting her to a sexual assault in January 2006.

She was then driven away down the M4 in an ordeal that only ended when the car crashed.

The mother of the girl, now who is now six, on Monday dismissed the award as "lousy". She told the Sun: "There’s been no justice for our baby and for us. From the minute she was abducted everything has gone wrong. The police let us down, the court let us down - now this. Our daughter’s ordeal was worth a lousy £9,000."

The woman said her daughter is "not a normal six-year-old", and that she does not sleep properly, but spends her nights whimpering. She told the newspaper the girl locks herself in her room for two hours after school each day, banging a teddy bear against the wall.

A Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) spokesman would not confirm the amount of compensation on Monday.

He said: "We cannot comment specifically on applications made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, in order to protect applicants’ confidentiality.

"CICA operates under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2001, as set down by Parliament. The scheme sets the levels of compensation depending on the injuries sustained.

"We pay awards under a tariff system that assigns each specific injury a fixed amount of compensation. Awards under this tariff range from £1,000 to £250,000."

Convicted paedophile Sweeney was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2006 after admitting kidnapping and sexually assaulting the girl. Judge John Griffith Williams told him he was a "devious" man and that he would spend a minimum of five years and 108 days in prison.


  • On 25th Aug 2008 at 01:07 PM Teresa Cooper said...

    The CICA have been awarding petty amounts of compeensation to all victims of abuse since I can remember. They have refused many survivors and children abuse any awards at all. The then CICB now the CICA have shown no understanding in child abuse, the trauma it causes or the life long suffering of those abused.

    It is shocking that the CICA pay out such rediculous awards to innocent victims abused and yet criminals get much more in compansation for things such as not being given the drugs to keep their heroine habits at bay, spent longer in prison than meant too and we have seen police officers awarded over six hundred thousand pounds awards for discrimination which can not be compared to the suffering of a child

    The UK civil system needs to make drastic changes when dealing with child abuse and stop treating child abuse as a normality as apposed to a serious crime against children

    The government needs to take child abuse more seriously

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