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Church of England must probe abuse claims by Sally Gillen

10th Dec 2007 | in Social Care

by Sally Gillen

If the saying that your sins will find you out is true then maybe the Church of England should be feeling anxious. Its response to allegations that girls were drugged and abused in a home it ran in the 1980s is shocking.

Women seeking acknowledgment for what they claim they experienced in Kendall House are being told to take their concerns to the "appropriate authorities" for them to investigate. Odd advice, given that the authority most appropriate to look into their claims must surely be the one responsible for the home   the Church of England.

Its defence is that it does not have the appropriate training to carry out such an investigation. In truth, there are any number of experts that the Church could employ if it was interested in righting alleged past wrongs in the name of justice, and its refusal to take action looks not like a proper or acceptable justification but more like a pitiful excuse for doing nothing.

One former resident Teresa Cooper, who was placed in the Kendall House aged 14, says she feels "reabused" by the Church’s flat refusal to look into her allegations.

Shameful barely covers it.


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