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  • About no2abuse

    About no2abuse


    No2abuse was created by Teresa Cooper (author of Pin Down), which combines every aspect of family injustice under one roof . This site offers support for survivors of abuse as well as families going through the Family Courts; there are articles by victims of abuse and professionals who have experienced the Family Courts and the State’s approach in general to the family unit. There are also featured blogs and news articles designed to keep you updated on the challenges the government and the public face in trying to address the issues which keep dividing our families.

    There are many stories out there of injustices to children and families and there are many more that have not yet been told.

    No2abuse aims to cover those stories in your new online news and resource website

    EXCLUSIVE - Buy Pin Down HB or Trust No One PB on Ebay. All copies personally signed by Teresa Cooper with a personal message

                                          Important message to all Survivors & Victims of abuse UK

                                                  TIME IS RUNNING OUT SO ACT NOW!
                                          If you have been abused it is important that you contact ACAL
                                          child abuse lawyers and seek legal advice immediately

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