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Everychild Matters report (DOWNLOAD)

12th Sep 2008 | in Reports and Downloads

Every child matters document in full (Thankyou to justice for families)



  • On 8th Dec 2008 at 01:22 PM bernadette cook said...

    hi i used to be in the so called care system and was never checked on at all they came looking for me at 18 years old after which time it was to late for me as every form of ubuse had happened to me by then i set out on my own at age 15 to get away and what i find very sad is that i am here aged 56 still we hear there are lessons to be learnt when? every child should be loved and cared for and the law shoul be tougher on the abusers i still feel very let down by the so called care system and have flash backs still to this day do these people realise the long term effects they leave ? i have often thought that there should be in schools some one a child can talk to and know that dont have to go back to the abusers and that they are going to be safe again any one who abuses children should be sterilised ? and have no access to a child i have only just found your site it is excellent bernadette

  • On 8th Dec 2008 at 04:40 PM Teresa said...

    Hi Bernadette

    The care system is no better than when we were in care and I am 41 so it just goes to show that over the decades all was the same and the same mistakes have been consistent throughout.

    The government think they have got it right but they still have no idea and a pity they don't listen to those who have experienced it.
    They could learn alot from us and we may not have qualifications in social care but i can bet we would save more children from harm than the current social services does

  • On 8th Dec 2008 at 07:58 PM bernadette cook said...

    hi teresa perhaps all every one who has been in care should write to parliment ed balls ? and mr wilson and maybe they will listen to us as a group i for one would go and talk to them we know more than any social worker i have come accross i was eligally taken from ireland aged 11 looked about 8 under nourished ect and they knew i was in danger in more ways than one when they called at mt foster parents house she said she preferred not to be visited ? they left alarm bells should have gone off ! i ahd already left and was living in nursing the social services involved can not find my records ? but i managed to get copies from ireland and it tell quite a story beggering belief i am writing the book and having my say about social services and the so called care system and how nothing has changed at all sorry to blast off does you good sometimes take care bernadette

  • On 9th Dec 2008 at 02:14 AM Teresa said...

    Bernadette I think you are right

    This is something that needs to be done and I am working on an email so we can all send one to Ed Balls because YOUR opinion matters

    Thankyou for your compliment on the site grin

    I am happy to take the risks that newspapers wont take on getting stories out there that we all want and need to know

    My only agenda is to give you a voice

    and to protect children because we know the damage it does xxx

  • On 19th Dec 2008 at 09:27 PM bernadette cook said...

    sorry not been on not been well getting there now ,i watched an interesting interview with roy wilson about a boy that had been badly abused and the man was releaseed within 24 hours he was at it again there need to be stronger laws to protect children today have you looked at paddy doyles site the god squad he wrote show what went on in ireland thats where i was born its a good site and i dont mind having a voice there is also the care leavers assoation they are on the web i will write to ed balls and let you know the out come we had a hard time getting records ect from eire and here they are supposed to keep them till we are 75 to many children are slipping the net and so are the perpotrators will stay in touch bernadette

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