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About Teresa Cooper

My name is Teresa Cooper and author of 'Pin Down / Trust No One', published by Orion. I was brought up in local authority care for almost eighteen years of which most wasn't a good experience. I started no2abuse to cover news and blogs on my book and Kendall House but I soon came to realise there was a huge gap in the public domain and a serious lack of news and resources. From personal experience on exposing the Kendall House abuse scandal and forced drugging I know too well how hard it is to expose abuse and even harder to expose it publicly in order to make positive changes. I changed no2abuse around so it would cover the stories that are left unsaid and will cover those already out there. There are many aspects to family and children including the injustice's and subjects that are left uncovered such as health related problems related to abuse and how it affects survivors and families in different ways. There is no right or wrong way to survive our experiences and no2abuse does understand those experiences and that is why articles written will be covered by survivors, careleavers and professionals who work hard to help towards changes and to get important stories out there but putting it in one place where it is easy to find and use as a much needed resource. The more survivors, care leavers and professionals submit articles, stories, responses and their opinions the more successful no2abuse will be for you and for us. My blogs are in the blogs section now and you can read my thoughts and a little about my personal life there. I will start doing regular blogs from Monday 15th April 2013 If you want to contact me you can contact or go to the contact page and email me there or respond to my posts. I can also be found on Twitter at All posts on the site can be responded to at the end of each post however they do not go live on the site until they have been approved