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The Hidden Rose by Teresa Cooper poem

9th Nov 2009 | in


The hidden rose blooms in the shadows

Unknown to the passers by

Her beauty unseen and less unlearnt

To many a wonderous eye

Her thorns do grow in order to seal

The natural way to protect her

So no one can touch when she is found

And use her for thier pleasure

Untarnished and serene a wonderous sight

Her body develops and grows

But the scent of her aromous being

Is carried beyond the shadows

A passer by does stop and turn

To see what he can smell

And there beneath the shadowy wall

Her beauty now seen to tell

His hand delves in and grabs her stem

No fear has he as he pulls

Her cries unheard as she starts to break

Her protected petals fall

He didnt think that what he was doing

Would destroy such a beautiful thing

And all because he didnt think

To the damage he would bring

Instead of preserving her beauty

And let her grow and feed

He took her life and destroyed it

And all for his selfish need

The moral of this poem is…....... Think before you do and consider the needs of others before the needs of yourself

Written by Teresa Cooper ©



  • On 28th Mar 2010 at 10:17 PM julia said...

    A lovely poem .... with an important moral

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