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Take a look at this and listen. Very interesting indeed

23rd Jan 2009 | in


  • On 23rd Jan 2009 at 08:14 PM Teresa said...

    This might explain why that pillock Eric Pickles got into such a senior position for IGNORING CHILD ABUSE and in my local paper he wasnt sure if he was called to that meeting to be sacked or promoted or something along those lines and clearly the fact he was PROMOTED so soon after I emailed every MP about him IGNORING CHILD ABUSE shows how quick you can progress if your not a Mr Nice guy when it comes to thr abuse of children and adult survivors of childhood abuse.

    Its about time the public stood up and started to stop paying these people and get some control back in this shoddy country thats got no value in the higher archy

  • On 28th Jan 2009 at 11:56 AM not a MP said...

    I think it would be very helpful to have a list of all MP’s who ignore child abuse including those who have dodgy backgrounds

    As I am finding very hard to get my head around why the elected members are doing nothing.

    I have no doubt that the common purpose is alive and kicking in Kent

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