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Lord Laming. To Trust or not to Trust? That is the Question. Read this condemning information

9th Dec 2008 | in

It seems those recommended to head children dying have a history all of it’s own and do you think the Government or Ed balls cares amongst all that public babble?

Take a look at Lord Lamings history. Now do you think he is worthy to head yet another case after his failures with Victoria?

Is this who YOU want to head Baby P enquiry?


  • On 9th Dec 2008 at 02:29 PM Natasha said...

    Lord Laming has a very incongruous background: the first thing that springs to my mind is that if he has learned from the mistakes he and his previous teams made in the past, he may be a useful assett to head up such an enquiry as he has first hand experience of how things can go wrong and what needs to be done to make it right.

    On the other hand, if Lord Laming is prone to gross oversights and has not been able to incorporate his experience in a positive and progress form in his role, then his unput is likely to cause difficulties.

    As a member of the public, I would really like to know more about Lord Laming and be fully informed by the government of the day as to why exactly, this man has been given such a weighty task. Evidence of capability is needed to restore confidence, in every aspect of the system.

  • On 9th Dec 2008 at 09:20 PM michaelmac said...

    If laming had any respect the child he failed he would refuse to do the inquiry, But that is to much to ask of some one who only cares about himself and family, Any person with integrity would have got out of social services when in was proved his high handed action put the child at risk from abuse,

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