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Just my Opinion - A Small Blog on my Thoughts on Psychiatry

2nd Oct 2009 | in

Thankyou to those wonderful people here who have become great to know, who have supported the Kendall House abuse Campaign and to the readers of my book Trust No One aka Pin Down HB (both same book but different titles). Thankyou for all the lovely emails

On a lighter note as I was asked what I do and don’t like and thats an interesting one and all I could come up with is

My likes and dislikes

My likes = Having a laugh with my children, Friends, talking to lovely people, doing as much as I can to help others yet feel like I could do more, food, pot noodles in particular as they have few calories, music, writing, animals and so much more

My dislikes = SHRINKS. I have always felt that psychiatrists need to see shrinks themselves as they lie, cheat. decieve for a quick £££$$$ and aparently drug you up so they can buy a new BMW. Shrinks also have more imaginary friends than most of us (they come in the form of other shrinks).

Shrinks use a tick list to diagnose you so in order to confuse them - fill it out yourself which requires a black ink pen as this is a tool of their trade. If you dont sleep, do sleep, sleep erratically or snore you are disfunctional (bit like me as I do all four). If you scream at your neighbour for that barking dog that woofs at everything 24/7 (bit like my dog) you have an agressive tendancy and your now a risk.

If you use the word no then your in denial, if you use the word yes your almost certainly faking your denial. If you say a word more than once in any sentence you have a repetitive syndrome so do not use the words AND,WAS,IT,YES,NO,I,FOR or the S word more than once and I suggest you abreviate it anyway you can so you do not feel your going insane. If you move your legs more than once an hour you have restless leg syndrome so I strongly suggest not getting out of bed and selotaping them to a solid object such as a plank of wood as this often cures the problem.

If you wish to mimic a shrink all you need is a pen (40 actually as you will be doing alot of tick lists)

plenty of paper (for your tick list) although trees would be good as shrinks like to add to global warming from all the paper they use and trees knocked down for their paper supply,

a list of all the syndromes (theres about 100 plus of them and all involve drug rehabilitation)

a list of known aliens as I am told theres now too many to mention here and you dont want to give your subjects the wrong information.

MP’s (known as members of parliament to their friends) come under foreign invasions which one can assume is alien as they aparently invade anything and everything and please check with health and safety for more information on MP’s as they aparently let off more greenhouse gas than cows poop because everytime they open their mouth alot of crap pours out. MP’s also come under the defenition of shrinks = please refer to the shrinks section here as they seem to share from the same money pot and talk the same crap

EAR PLUGS are essential as they NEVER LISTEN so why should you?

Do I have a mental health issue? good question. Can i answer that later?

By Teresa Cooper


  • On 3rd Jun 2009 at 10:47 PM Kelly kingshott said...

    This is so true shrinks who are they????? Money makers mps who are they moneymakers off other people!!!!!!! The church who are they people
    who have tried to rule the world and burnt too many good people but they are probably the richest ass***** in the world but will never accept the
      lives that they have killed and ruined.

  • On 3rd Aug 2009 at 06:55 PM London said...

    Rufus May is a clinical psychologist in Bradford. At the time of the interview he was working in Tower Hamlets in London. When introducing the interview, Fergal Keane suggested that a clinical psychologist that takes a stand against the widespread use of medication in mental illness is not perhaps all that unusual these days.

  • On 5th Aug 2009 at 11:28 PM not a MP said...

    LOL !!! love it all and totally agree, especially with the over-rated de facto MPee’s ,  who all talk a load of **** and are all crack-pots on the make.

    Take alook at how many of them come from SS backgrounds and psyco’s

  • On 12th Oct 2009 at 06:22 PM David Vickers said...

    Well my thoughts on members of paliament i could write a book. Then again i would probably get the crap kicked out of me for being honest! And since i write poems and stories, how ironic that one of my poetry books should be titled “its only my opinion” the title of this blog i am replying to. We seem to be on the same wave length Teresa! so here is a a final thought to all those in the power. “order order. can we please have order in the house” keep smiling!

  • On 15th Dec 2009 at 06:04 PM Jake Maverick said...

  • On 18th Apr 2010 at 07:43 PM david halfe said...

    intresting article,totally agree:)

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