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I Scream For Help

7th May 2016 | in

I try my best to get things straight

But all I get is needless hate,

This world I live in with much regret

Is more then terms that can’t be met.

I think to myself "what have I done?"

Is this a world where I live as one?

Not a friend in sight that can help me by

Do I live or do I die?

I’m frightened inside and can’t go on

To prove my point and be so strong,

As days go by the weaker I get

For those stupid terms that can’t be met.

Reality is a thing I must get through

My past is a nightmare, so what can I do?

If people knew just how I feel

They would look up and think for real.

My life is a hell hole and always a mess

My feelings are hurt and full of distress,

I haven’t a halo wrapped round my head

This is a feeling that should of been said.

Instead it’s on paper for all to see

I am simply sorry you all used me

Dedicated to those who did not support me, help me, criticised me whilst they done nothing (its too easy to criticise those doing the work whilst sat on the fence watching), blamed me whilst they sat doing nothing to help, used and exploited me and the sheer hell me and my family was put through and at no stage was it ever appreciated by those who gained from me.


  • On 19th Aug 2006 at 08:50 PM rachel cann said...

    did you ever think you were never truly alone? That God was watchingout for you? They say that what doesn't break us will make us stronger. I don't know who "they" are. Probably they are wrong. But you have evolved into an incredible young woman. Maybe the rest of your life you will be rewarded for the courage you've shown just to survive. I surely hope so. I also hope you will bring much hope to other survivors of abuse. We are many and you will be our voice. My inner child remains so fragile, but I know right from wrong, and will never accept bad treatment from anyone, not ever again.

  • On 19th Aug 2006 at 09:52 PM Teresa said...

    Hi Rachel

    Thankyou for your wonderful post and I will do my best as we all do and we all have a voice. Perhaps we can be heard together and unite in being heard.

    My thoughts are with you x

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