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Dear Teresa from ......

2nd Mar 2017 | in

Dear Teresa from S****

I just want to take this oppertunity to say a massive thankyou to Teresa,

I have been friends with you for quite a long time now and i don’t think i have ever expressed my thanks to you properly. I first met you through your site, and i was in a rather bad way, you always talked to me and wrote back keeping me calm and allowing me to rant and express my feelings.

Before i came across your site, i stayed silent about my life and how i felt, but you gave me the ability to express my feelings into words. I was a bad self harmer at the time and was on the point of not wanting to live, but you gave me the hope and strength to let out that anger i held deep inside.

After talking for some time i gave you my number and we spoke on the phone, i still remember the excitment that i felt that day! Also you said you would send me your book, but i had to tell my parents that i spoke to you. That gave me the chance to build up the courage to tell my parents that i was seeking help on your site, it made me talk to my mum about that subject, which i hadn’t done before. After a while of chatting you helped me a lot, i started to become happier and see ways through the dark times, you made me laugh and kept me smiling.

I then decided i wanted to do a skydive on behalf of the charity ‘MIND’. You helped me raise the sponsers and i managed to raise over £1000 in total, the night before my jump you did the long journey to my house, to which your car broke down at bristol and i had to drive up with my neighbour and rescue you! it was hillarious! the first time i met you was in a dark car park in bristol and the first thing you say is .. ‘you really are short!!!!’ made me laugh! we then got up at 6am the next day to travel down to cornwall for me to do my skydive, it was incredibly exciting and did non-stop chatting all the way there!

i was really sad to see you go back home after, but you have come back to visit me when i was living in my own place and standing on my on two feet! i will never forget that visit! I never laughed so much in my life. since then i have moved house several times and continued with my journey of healing with your support.

I now havent self harmed for nearly 2 years, i live with my parnter and have a beautiful little boy, who’s nearly 6 months old. I have never been happier. I never believed this life was possible for me but you helped me get here and showed me it is ok to be angry but how to put the anger into words, you showed me the path to heal and held my hand all the way, annd i have made it smile so this is a massive thankyou to you.

You deserve all the kindness in the world.

All my Love and Hugs

S**** xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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