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Chief Executive of Barnados. Good or Bad?

23rd Oct 2009 | in

I had the displeasure of meeting Martin Narey at the Not so public debate held by Channel 4 and I have to admit I found him totaly inexperienced not only in the abuse of children and the affects but also his inability to understand the extent of unthought out rubish he publicly announces.

Martin Narey wants children taken into care younger and as many are taken at birth in the forced adoption scandals that dominate the UK care system does Mr Narey think it more appropriate to take them as embryo’s? After all anyone who is familiar with social services know they impose on many pregnant womens lives and put their unborn child on a list of statistics and as most will know the place of the unborns residence is “in the mothers womb” as if the unborn child is some kind of test tube animal

Mr Narey does not have the experience and has not been at Barnados long enough nor has he the understanding of the situations and one would assume he has an attitude that resembles a man who does not think of children but puts his personal beliefs albeit misguided before the welfare of any child. He treats every parent as guilty before innocent, he was unable to answer simple questions at the debate which was edited by Channel 4 of which saw every one in the audience deliberatly edited out and the panels response edited to look good on their part.

My Martin Narey needs to remind himself of the severe abuse of children under the reigns of Barnados care or has he forgotten historic abuse which seems to be common place these days with the higher archy who think they know it all and make more mistakes than a child learning algebra.

My Martin Narey also needs to remind himself of the abuse that happens to children placed in a care system that is so seriously flawed now that is does everything but protect any child so any child placed in care is “out of the frying pan and into the fire”

More children suffer worst in the care system than they did before being placed in care so Narey needs to educate himself and learn about the system he puts children into

He also needs to learn that most leave care uneducated, criminals, prostitues, missing or unaccounted for and the list is endless so perhaps Mr Martin Narey of Barnados needs to look on his own doorstep and get things right before he starts preaching like an expert when all he is is just a mouth peice

Martin Narey was the ONLY one who ignored all emails inviting him to attend the parliamentry debate recently

Is that a man who gives a shit about children when he had no time to bother with the people who are the very result of his and others failures?


  • On 13th Oct 2009 at 10:51 AM pienmashfilms said...

    An honest and informed post. 

    As we are currently working on a documentary with justice4survivors and the family of Adam Rickwood called ‘Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes’ we have done some of our own investigations into Martin Narey and Dr Barnardos.

    Last year Dr Barnardos income topped £215 million. They are responsible for the care of approx 100,000 children. This equates to an income of £215,000 per child per year.
    Martin Narey was a Governor at both Frankland maximum-security prison and Deerbolt Borstal for young offenders (both in Co Durham), when a known paedophile ‘Neville Husband’ was employed as a senior officer at Frankland and seconded as an officer at Deerbolt. Husband had been forced to leave Medomsley Detention Centre for young offenders after torturing and abusing boys. He was released from prison early last Friday 9 October 2009. Prior to his conviction Husband was also a Church Minister for the United Reformed Church.  Many of the victims have not received justice yet and Husband is now free.

    Cravings for young boys
    Statements given to police by prison officers who worked with Husband suggest suspicions were rife about his cravings for young boys, who he went on to molest in the kitchens he ran.
    One statement by an officer who served at Medomsley in 1978, reads: “I don’t know why but all the governors thought very highly of Husband and seemed to look after him.”

    As a former Prison Governor, Martin Narey either ignored or was grossly negligent by failing to observe Husband’s employment records: That he was arrested in 1967 whilst at Portland young offenders centre for the illegal importation of homosexual pornography.  That the case was silenced and Husband was moved to Medomsley Detention Centre where he continued to import pornography direct into the Centre. That he was investigated by the police on numerous occasions but without further actions. That Husband then embarked on his horrific sexual torture of countless young boys. These boys are now men and want their story told.

    Victims want their stories told
    The victims of Neville Husband formed themselves into a group: justice4survivors. They recently approached award winning working class film director Bill Maloney (who has himself stepped forward as a victim of abuse whilst in YOIs and Borstals back in the 1970s – his whole family were abused in care).  Maloney was horrified but not surprised by their stories of abuse and injustice as the hands of the UK Establishment. He decided to work with them to make a hard-hitting gritty documentary ‘Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes’ without any funding.  He stated, “We’re going to let these brave men tell their stories without sanitizing the documentary for the middle-class driven media”. The victims are currently pushing for a public enquiry.

    Adam brings the horrors up to date
    Whilst researching Medomsley detention centre (now Hassockfield Secure Training Centre) Maloney discovered that as recently as 2004 Adam Rickwood (14), became the youngest prisoner to commit suicide in the UK. Adam’s family and friends all believe that Adam did not kill himself and that there has been a massive cover-up; this is truthfully and emotionally displayed in the documentary. Adam was found hanging in his cell with a broken nose, broken wrist and covered in bruises.

    99.9 per cent of young offenders in the UK stem from the lower working classes. As Bill Maloney states in his documentary “You can’t keep bashing our kids like this, we’re not going to allow it any more”.

    Now Martin Narey wants to rip lower working class baby’s from their mothers at birth. The effects on Mothers and Fathers and their families for the loss of their babies will be devastating. The huge funds invested into Dr Barnardos each year should be put to helping these young parents, it is immoral to suggest taking these young children into care when the care system continues to abuse them and profit from them.  Successful and trusted families from within these peoples’ own culture and communities should be funded to adopt a support role to help ‘bad parents’ by befriending them, gaining their trust and encouraging and motivating them forward, they would also be better placed than an overworked inexperienced graduate social worker to recognise whether a child is in danger or neglected. Further funding should also be supplied to support the education, environment and welfare of the family.

    Apparently, Philippa Stroud of the thinktank Centre for Social Justice reacted cautiously to Narey’s comments. “What we recommend is the model of the mother and baby going into care, filling that hole and giving the whole family a chance. “With child protection, all the legislation is actually in place: it’s the implementation that is the issue.” – Even this recommendation would require huge bureaucratic funding. The money needs to be spent at source - at the home and within the family with trusted support and guidance.

    Maloney’s outspoken and unsanitised documentaries appear to be too controversial for major broadcast networks, but the public need to know what is happening to their taxes when private security companies such as Serco are looking after our children and receiving approx £178,000 per year per child.

    And Dr Barnardos? A charity that has the Queen as it’s Patron and which the majority of the population appear to respect and believe in, acquires its funding of £215,000 per child per year through, government funded fees and grants, property development, donations/gifts and fundraising, and trading.

    How is this right?
    Unemployed parents receiving statutory benefits receive on average an additional £3,744 per year towards the care of one child (calculating child tax credits together with Child benefit). Plus one off payments in the child’s first year totaling approx £440. Dr Barnardos receive £215,000 per year per child.

    Through Vicarious Liability Martin Narey has contributed to the destruction of vulnerable children’s lives through his negligence. He should not be telling us that our children should be abducted at birth.

    The trailer for Maloney’s documentary ‘Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes’ is now available for viewing on YouTube.

  • On 13th Oct 2009 at 02:14 PM Nikki Cruz said...

    I find it hard to trust this Martin Narey. anyone who know youngsters from the 70,s 80,s knows this man as a governor of a prison who was paid by the state to punish young people for their criminal behaviour, I said punish rather than rehabilitate because invariably that is what it was like back then.

    Martin Narey was a governor at Frankland prison when notorious sex offender Neville Husband left Medomsley detention centre during an investigation into the sexual abuse of the inmates.

    The top file on Husbands report read: that Husband was arrested in 1967 for importing child pornography of a homosexual nature and showing it to the young male offenders.

    His punishment for this was to be sent to another all young male centre where he carried out 17 years of sexual abuse of the inmates.

    He was eventually caught during another investigation into the importation of pornography in 1999 when some victims came forward to tell of their experiences at the Medomsley detention centre.

    Husband was found guilty of 13 counts of abuse in Feb 2003 and was sentenced to 8 years, the following publicity brought 7 more victims to another court case where Husband pleaded guilty and received another 2 years.

    Husband was released from prison on 9th Oct 2009.

    Many victims are still waiting to go to court after the home office admitted vicariously liable for the abuse they went through at the hands of one of their senior prison officers.

    Still NO apology from the home office, only one victim got any victim support and most of the victims got no warning from the probation service or were given the chance to sit in on Husbands parole hearing to give our reasons why he should not be let out of prison.

    There is no justice in the justice system merely lawyers making lots of money manipulating the law and how it is interpreted, and insurance companies who appear to be able to dictate the laws too.

  • On 23rd Sep 2010 at 05:34 PM RON T BROWN said...

    my experience with dr barnardo’s was a thrashing most days often untill i bled buckets of cold water, being paraded before
    austrailian visitors for deportation, being paraded with a nightdress with a large WB
    stamped on the rear because many of us wet
    the bed through stress and fear,god help
    anyone put in the care of barnardo’s, i am
    78 years of age now, and i
    live with the nightmare every day,RON T BROWN 07595387534

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