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Who Understands? Sexual, physical, restraint and forced drug abuse of looked after children

4th Oct 2008 | in Child Mental Health

Sexual abuse of children is a topic on most peoples minds and when a child is abused sexually, physically and then violently injected regularly with psychiatric drugs who is there to understand them?

Rape is as violent as the abuser wants it to be but too often the violence used to drug innocent children is ignored and the child or survivor gets very little understanding or support.

Sexual abuse of a child is defined in law but the abuse of a child forced into taking or seriously assaulting them with psychiatric drugs are not recognised because a doctor authorises this treatment so it is considered legal and ethical.  It is very hard to challenge a doctors judgement because they are considered specialists and trusted by social services as well as the courts who will take the doctors judgement over any one who feels they have been wrongly treated. Doctors also take third party information given to them on reported behaviour within a patients files as being accurate and will make diagnoses of vulnerable children based on the files and without seeing the looked after child (or women in institutions).

The rise in abuse to women and children by psychiatric doctors and nurses has risen and the rise of rape in institutions who use the drugs to sedate or wipe out the memory of the victim is a serious concern. Once a child or woman is institutionalised there is very little they can do and there is no one to turn too because they are in the care of those abusing them. The methods of documenting their daily routines follow a classic pattern which is not only inaccurate but is also misleading.

The Tories said 26 under 16’s and 390 16 and 17 year old’s were treated in adult wards in 2007-2008 alone. 435 sexual assaults and that includes 15 rapes were revealed under the freedom of information act but how many are unreported?

In 2005 between 80% - 90% rape went unreported nationally (this figure is based on women across the UK) and in 2007 and Mr Yates the head of the Association of Chief Police Officers whilst Ruth Hall from support group Women Against Rape critisised the police and said the Police were very careless at handling evidence and misinterpret the the facts.

That was in 2005 and in 2007 the UK have the lowest conviction rates for rape of 7.5% in the whole of Europe.

That indicates that the figures of sexual assault and rape in psychiatric institutions are heavily below the true figures because they are not free to report rape and abuse by those caring for them or from men if it is a mixed ward and that doesn’t represent the children and teenagers held in secure units where they are most vulnerable because they do not have the same freedom to report such crimes.

Forced drug induced abuse and the long term affects of sexual abuse are accompanied with the abuse and side affects of the drug used at the time and also the long term affects of the drugs used and forced onto vulnerable children with little understanding. Then to add the violent restraint methods is alarming.

Being held down violently often by more than one carer/staff member has disturbing affects on a child. In 2005 recommendations were made after Gareth Myatt aged 15 years old died from restraint methods meant for adults and not children. Adam Rickwood became the youngest child to die after he was restrained by four adults/carers in a secure unit. They used the notorious nose restraint on him where they use tweaking, squeezing, flicking or using a karate chop to the nose which led to him bleeding for an hour. Sadly six hours later he committed suicide by hanging himself with his shoe laces. This was a child who’s own special needs assistant said he was never violent. If he was in the wrong he would admit it but if someone else was in the wrong and he wasn’t listened too he would go ballistic. This is often the case of many looked after children who are too often ignored.

Read the tragic story of Adam Rickwood

Now envisage this situation and add psychiatric drugs to that and then add sexual abuse.

Putting a child’s welfare first doesn’t happen in institutions because they see the child as an adult and treat them as an adult. The carers/staff don’t see a distressed child, they see a pain in the ass who is complicating their job.

It is hard to argue against a doctor or staff members who document and mislead the truth in their own favour and not only in a court of law so when you go to a solicitor or barrister and they do not recognise the drug abuse either or the methods staff and doctors use that are often misleading and do not represent facts it is very difficult for the victims to get the support they need or justice. They often argue that is maybe morally wrong but it isn’t legally wrong. Cases in situations that combine restraint, drug abuse and sexual abuse are very complicated and too often misunderstood and unrepresented

You don’t often find for example a solicitor or barrister who specialises in child abuse combined with forced drug abuse, misdiagnoses or restraint.

Many cases have been ignored, turned down or misunderstood by the legal profession of child abuse that only recognises the aspect of the sexual and physical abuse but doesn’t recognise the abuse of drugs or restraint because it is not their speciality and the survivor or victims are turned away or insurers wont insure them.

The rise of rape or physical abuse or both in psychiatric institutions or secure units is a disturbing one and the misuse of drugs by doctors and nurses is to be questioned.

There are laws for date rape and the misuse of drugs on women for example in clubs who are then raped but there are no laws to protect the vulnerable patients or children in psychiatric wards or institutions because the doctors word is taken as being what’s in the best interest of the looked after child when in many cases it is not in the childs best interest and in fact causes severe damage.

It has got to the stage that no woman or child is safe within the psychiatric industry or secure units because no one is checking, no one is monitoring, there is no on to go to because they are isolated and when your locked in an institution there is no escape. You live in fear. Many die in fear

But who understands?


  • On 4th Oct 2008 at 04:36 PM michaelmac said...

    Those who have been there and faced hell, When they should not have had too, But nothing will change because No one in power any were in the world have principles, Over one billion people actively support the cover up of abuse in the Catholic church, Over one billion people pray to some one if he started the religion today would be classed as a paedophile, That is how sick the world is

  • On 4th Oct 2008 at 04:39 PM michaelmac said...

    And the rest are scared to say any thing because they are classed as racists and bigots

  • On 4th Oct 2008 at 04:53 PM Teresa said...

    I know from the Kendall House abuse how misunderstood we are and to combine all the abuses is something that is ignored. It is also not understood.

    We are sat inbetween child abuse and mental health abuse and a mental psychiatrist.

    I personally find it very difficult that I am not understood. I get told by others that it wasnt as bad as them,or no one is interested, it was normal, its not abuse but I know it is abuse.

    Edited :-(

    Why is the law not understanding this kind of abuse in the UK care system?

  • On 4th Oct 2008 at 05:05 PM michaelmac said...

    Teresa simple, If the law had to deal with this type of abuse properly, Every one who had any thing to do with it would be charged, Thats including mps who all know about it but choose not to do any thing or even say any thing, In your case that includes social services, the police, Doctors and every one at kendal house

  • On 2nd Jan 2009 at 08:15 PM not a MP said...

    I hope the truth will be out in the end

    ‘sunlight is the best disenfectant’
    or so an american judge once said

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