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To Be or Not to Be A Woman - Psychiatric Disorders Gone Mad - Social Care & Family Courts

15th Mar 2013 | in General News

Article by Teresa Cooper
Are you Mad Woman? Photo caption reads “She, Its time I got out of this place. Wheres the key? Convicts & Lunatics have no vote for Parliament. Should all Women be classed with these?

In a day and age where mothers, fathers and family members who in many circumstances are wrongfully accused of child abuse we see many failures that are not rectified by either the failing Family Courts or failing Social Services system. A system where complaints are mishandled by the same departments being complained about yet with no stable and independent method of which to complain about those involved many complaints go unheard or ignored. Families going through such emotional abuse by the social services social workers and appointed psychiatrists do not want to acknowledge that what they do to people does emotionally abuse families at a time they should be recieving support.

Discrimation against those with mental health disabilities including disorders are covered by the law except when the discrimination taking place is by social workers who use a mental health condition as a reason to forcebly remove a child that is not at risk from their mother. It is often extreme cases of mental health illnesses such as scitzophrenia that have been associated to child murders but then children have been murdered by just as many who have never been diagnosed with a disorder and have been seen as a pillar of society. If child murders and serious damage done to a child is because of a disorder such as BPD then surely those mothers would account for many more murders than we have seen publicised of late and most of those come from a variety of circumstances.

The families who didn’t have any mental health problem have found themselves being labelled with a mental health disorder once social services have intruded on their lives and forced them into the mental health system which seems to be a secure method used to remove anyones child. It goes unquestioned because the families are not given the opportunity to prove they don’t have one. It is almost hard to believe that a mental health illness is diagnosed from a list of symptoms which covers just about every normal human emotion that ever existed and if you dare as to admit you’ve had problems sleeping a psychiatrist will turn that into a symptom of a manifesting illness. 

Those from all walks of life have murdered children be it rich men as we saw in the case of Mark Latta, 39, a wealthy businessman. Baby Charlotte was not from a deprived background or “a poor family”,Latta had a new four-bedroom house with an Audi TT and a BMW parked in the driveway. The family also had a nanny

Then this case of millionaire Alberto Izaga

So is this to suggest that anyone is capable of murdering a child or putting them at risk? Professionals are not exempt from child murder as we have also seen police officers such as the Kent officer who murdered his two children and wife and various other cases and we also have women from varieties of backgrounds who have also murdered a child/ren so this problem is not unique to mothers who may or may not be from a disadvantaged background because it affects the rich, the poor, those with and those without mental health problems, men, women and various professions so should psychiatrists and social workers be misusing mental health disorders against families just to remove children that are not at risk of harm?

The social workers and paid for psychiatrists have everyone believing that anyone with a mental health disorder be it mild or other is a risk to their child yet stories in the public domain show that crimes to children are also commited just as often by those without a diagnosed mental health problem and if that is the case then perhaps social services should be removing children from every family that has a child just to be on the safe side although given child murders have also been commited by professionals who’s jobs are stressful would it be fair to assume that social workers also fit in that catagory because they are always complaining about the stress they are put under by the demands of the job so is their mental health impaired due to work pressures? Probably and when someones judgement is impaired by these pressures they will inevitably make mistakes.

How social workers write, document events or whats been said can by the law of averages never be accurate unless it is recorded and written down word for word and without recorded evidence to help them write accuratly the flaws will inevitably be there due to work pressures. When a social worker is under such immense pressure mistakes are made as we have seen and often a social worker will be called out of the office or distracted by a phone call right in the middle of writing in someones files at a crucial moment when what they write could mean the loss of a child to a family or the child staying at home; and that creates a mess because by the time they have finished with the distractions the information is not then written down in any satisfactory way often misleading others who read it.

But who is paying the price? The families and children are


Most mothers and fathers I have spoken to did not have a diagnosed mental health problem until after social services invaded their lives and had them subjected to the mental health evaluations. These evaluations have seen couples who were once secure argue because one evaluation might deem one of them with a problem that causes an argument of blame and cause doubt between the couple.  Most families ive been in contact with have been evaluated by mental health at a time AFTER the families have been subjected to the systems methods of emotional abuse and when your at the height of suffering from their emotional abuse, they then blame it on a personality disorder of some kind simply because you react and if you try not to react your then branded with another disorder that fits that description. So many mothers who didnt have a disorder prior to social services, court and psychiatric intervention find themselves branded with one nor could the mothers argue it because the system doesn’t cater for that. Once branded always a nurotic woman of sorts and that is hard to shift once a parent has been labelled.

When the families lose their child they are then driven to suicidal behaviour and do desperate things out of grief and desperation which if you look at what is percieved as an ordinary family they too will suffer a variety of unusual behaviour when they have lost someone close to them. They are considered to be grieving yet for social workers and psychiatrists they see that grieving process in mothers they are involved with as a mental disorder thats further used against them and you find the social workers saying “see I told you she is mad”.

This is something that has happened as far back as the historic ages of persecution which saw the bellittlement of women who were seen by men as unequal. There is a pattern that emergies against women, mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmothers which has over time seen them branded mentally ill if they spoke up about what they percieved as being a wrong doing or unfair.

In history men were always the dominant figures and the women had no say be it with their children, at home, in a place of work or in public. Women were not allowed to vote as men saw women as the lesser sex and that they should be there simply to serve them be it in the bedroom, domestically to clean up after them and breed heirs. That was the only purpose women served until the suffragettes movement fought to give women rights in the late 1800’s and it took women 70 years to fight for their rights which is still current today.

If a woman attempts to fight back the historic yet ever present pattern emergies every time and women are automatically seen as mentally impaired and suffregettes are a classic example that saw Psychiatrists sit down and discuss the women’s discontent and they came up with it being a nervous disposition which evolved with time and soon women who spoke up for themselves were not only deemed as suffering from almost every psychiatric disorder past, present and newly made up ones but they also found themselves the butt of jokes that labelled women mad, nurotic, psycho and the ever famous bunny boiler.

Psychiatrists ignored the surrounding factors that led the suffregettes to demand more rights and in an unequal way of life women were subjected to the most horrendous tactics which saw psychiatrists dismiss womens rights and label them psychiatrically ill.

“Suffregettes were force fed whilst strapped to chairs, rubber tubes were inserted through the mouth and occasionally through the nose and into the stomach, and food poured down; the suffragettes were held down by force while the instruments invaded their bodies by force, an experience of pain and distress to the sufraggette. Similarly suffragettes were referred to as hysterical and clinically insane by the psychiatric profession.

One psychiatrist involved in the case of one suffregette was alleged to have said

“Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity”

Fathers are increasingly finding that they too are being subjected to this mental health branding in recent years although it would be interesting to see just how many fathers compared to mothers are forced into the mental health system by Social Services and their allies, Psychiatrists..


  • On 3rd Nov 2009 at 09:27 AM Generic Valium said...

    In what ways do drug use mimic the symptoms of psychiatric disorders?

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    This post has been edited

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  • On 14th Nov 2009 at 07:56 PM Liz Lucy Robillard said...

    To be fair - in our case, the authorities looked like they were doing a good job. I ‘checked all the boxes’ to fit their text books. That though was still enormously wrong. I was agoraphobic (read ‘PTSD’) due to a variety of things, including a poor upbringing and emotional and physical abuse that is still denied by other family and ex. My son being disabled had to equal my fault- they had issued me a thousand bad labels. None of [] though, was true. That’s where one-size thinking falls flat on its face. We’re all unique individuals, and I’m pretty fearless, but the profesional ‘whores’ at the top, assumed they knew better than I did, or my friends, family and supporters whom did actually know me. I never harmed or caused my son to be autistic (see my work on autism) I never was a bad person or a bad parent or anything bad. I was abused, and I tried to fight back, I was sick with grief when my mum died and asked the SS for help, I was scared for the mental health of others- but I was a good person, am a good person, and a good mother, and they got it wrong, punished me, my child and left me for dead, and now they cover their tracks and stab me in the back to try to cover their lies and shame, I have nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of except maybe- that I can’t tidy up my flat s I’m arthritic and it hurts - and that’s that. Brilliant site Teresa, Liz Lucy Robillard

  • On 15th Nov 2009 at 06:25 PM Teresa Cooper said...

    Thankyou Liz for your post and compliment grin

    I appreciate your input and the time to post


  • On 17th Nov 2009 at 11:57 AM Liz Lucy Robillard said...

    You’re most welcome Teresa. PS One of the things that hurts most is that Jam***’ dad used to say (despite my divorcing him of which he was so hurt by) ‘‘Jam** couldn’t have a better mum’’ yet he kept that from the courts. I think the counselling for divorcing parents should be imperative, as it is divorce and custody law is greared simply toward making money for the professions involved, and not ‘for the paramount interest of the child’ as the Childrens’ Act reads.

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