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To Abuse or Not to Abuse - The Systematic Negative Conditioning of Children by Social Services

25th May 2009 | in Looked after Children

What do we do about child abuse within the system?

It is with increasing concern that I write this article . How can a Government be aware of child abuse within the system yet fail to do anything about it? I have never been into conspiracies but I am seeing more and more evidence of systematic child abuse within the system. These include the drugging of girls at Kendal house,  the sexual and physical abuse of children in care homes in Staffordshire, Wales and Ireland, to name just a few. The abuse of children in foster care more recently the baby who died and had 13 broken ribs yet they are protected and not prosecuted contrary to what they do to the natural parents.

Alongside this I am increasingly concerned about the paedophile rings that seem to be included in some of this abuse.

I have thought about these cases extensively and the only reason I keep coming up with (and have seen research and blogs that seem to reflect the same) is the serious concern that some members both high profile and members of the Government are involved in direct child abuse itself.

Some I have seen are believed to be linked to paedophile rings .Where does all this leave our children.?

The government fails to protect them,  the church has in many cases actually abused them and Campaign groups and Organisations are doing their very best to expose the abuses of children but then the likes of the DCSF and MPs actually ignore it. Why?

Parents are having children removed by Social Services in many cases not because they have harmed them but because of a chance they may be harmed in the future, thought up by a Social Worker. The common theme in this is to protect from possible emotional harm and with no evidence to back this up and after attending the Channel 4 not so public debate those in positions of trust and authority weren’t able to define emotional abuse. Some of these parents then have to sit back while the children who are now in local authority care are then abused within the system either physically, emotionally or sexually.

Social Services are decreasing child/ parent contact with almost every parent I have spoken too and yet one Social Services are allowing adopted parents to continue to see two adopted girls that were sexually abused by the Adopted parents paedophile friends (they men have since pleaded guilty to the abuse)  in the Manchester area.

So when natural parents, despite the fact that the parent has never hurt the child and also very often against the child’s wishes are not allowed any contact for abuse they haven’t commited and emotional abuse that parents can’t prove because it doesn’t have any defination in law. Social Services have seen anything from as little as a child truenting when bullied at school yet the parent is blamed and not the schools inability to deal with the school bullies, too many sweets and various other made up abuses which are then misused against parents and used as emotional abuse. Then there are parents whom are wrongly accused after misdiagnoses by doctors and they never see their children again as adoption cant be reversed.
I am sorry but this to me also points to the fact there are deliberate cover ups within the system when Social Workers and professionals get it wrong and rather than admit to their errors they cover them up damaging children and families for fear that something may be disclosed on their incompitence.

This is not only cruel to the parent but more so cruel to the child and I would go as far to say that I believe this is done by Social Services as a form of control over the child. Like a brainwashing exercise done deliberately to alienate the child from its family and thus create a controlled system that doesn’t work and only creates children who are then irreversibly damaged within the system.

Is this not emotional abuse?

A Daily Telegraph article on emotion abuse reads

“35,000 children who are taken into care every year on the recommendation of social workers, a large proportion are removed on grounds of “emotional abuse” – a category so broad and ill-defined that it can include both praising your children too much and not praising them enough, or feeding them too many vegetables or too little fresh fruit. It appears that social workers, aware of their inability to intervene in cases where children really are at risk, compensate for that failure by intervening in families where they are obviously safe”

Is this done to prepare them and programme them for some other form of planned systematic abuse within the system as children are undoubtedly abused within it and have been for decades as proven.

If they have control over the child emotionally then it is easier for someone to have control over the child physically or sexually with no fear of the child disclosing anything . Then if that child’s contact with their parents is more or less cut off that child therefore then has no one left who they could turn to and speak out.

The common theme also with Social Services of late is to split parents up by turning one against the other.

Divide and Conquer ! If Social Services can turn parents against each other within care proceedings it makes their job easier to win cases. This is another widespread used tactic up and down the UK.

This must be in there training manual.

1.Visit family if no abuse suspected invent some.
2.Split the family up wherever possible. Make mothers and fathers split up. Place children apart if possible
3.Start to decrease contact till if at all possible ( if you can get away with it by law) its zero
4.Lie, fabricate evidence in court. Whatever it takes to secure a win.
5.When case won continue with brainwashing of children.
6.Ignore child’s views wherever possible. This increases your control over them and their dependence on the system.

I’m sorry but I accuse Social Services of grooming children in the same way paedophiles do !!!!!


  • On 25th May 2009 at 03:22 PM paula said...

    I liked your article very much and you touch on many points of interest, conclusively defining social services and corrupt court actions that in fact hinder and abuse children in the care system.
    Many I feel find it particularly hard to face up to systematic trauma/abuse, used as a tool to control and fragment the very fighting spirit with which we all turn to in terms of having to survive.
    Perhaps this consistent systematic abuse serves a wider agenda for some future purpose or is devised simply to create chaos within the realms of families and social relationships. Maybe the conspiracy theorists label should be laid to rest as many have reported this horrendous abuse for decades, all this label does is serve to turn people away from the information that is vital to absorb for our future survival.
    Questions must be asked on a very public level, perhaps through the media directly to the ignorant MP s that are supposed to be in power.I know I have a few…The Corum Cafcass relationship for example is a huge conflict of interest and is surely unlawful but it is ignored as is the plight of each and every child in care that screams abuse. This is not a government that looks to the interests of the child, it is a government that destroys the child at its first opportunity. Evil, barbaric and secretive….I dread to think what the mental health will be like for future generations,in this respect we are losing the very purpose of our existence. No longer a species whos purpose is to procreate and nurture but one that procreates to defile and destroy…

  • On 25th May 2009 at 03:51 PM mary docherty said...

    you have summed it up beautifully,hit the nail right on the head,noone could have put it (summarised) better.Very well,send that to ALL the newspapers and this morning,it’s worthy of both.If they ignore,send it every week until they can’t ignore it any more.Just like they’re doing with our children/grandchildren/nieces and nephews that are in care.

  • On 25th May 2009 at 04:35 PM ian josephs said...

    Hundreds of babies are taken at birth every year for “risk of emotional abuse” and given for adoption by strangers . All contact between children and parents is then cut off until the children are 18 at best but more often for life. .The parents are then jailed if they protest publicly so the court can “protect their privacy” !!
    You couldn(t make it up !

  • On 25th May 2009 at 05:35 PM bethan collins said...

    I So Do not want this 2 be true ,, Oh im even trying my best 2look at this diff.. But .........  ...................      Im brought back 2 the same belief ,    The Above Statement i Agree with .. Its frightening 2 think ov wat really is going on to wat extent..

  • On 26th May 2009 at 02:42 PM paula said...

    We need to ask questions about the 800 children that have died in care in the last ten years, and the 100 children that died between August 2007 and May 2008. Im sorry malnutrition and disease just doesnt cut it, nor do the figures for that matter…
    Figures that were read out in the house of commons, can we rely upon those or are they the tip of the iceberg, trust has been broken on multiple levels, social services, courts and the very same MP s we turn to for help and guidance. We dont know and wont know, until someone truly independent is allowed to walk talk and take note amongst the biggest criminal elements of our society, the social service departments, the corrupt family court gulags and the many flawed practices of cafcass and expert witnesses.
    Laming can keep his nose out for once…
    We should be asking why we have german pedagogues coming over to work in our care homes and why Thomas Coram research unit are piloting the very same programme across the country and their association with the Tavistock Institute…I could fill the page with these types of questions however, if we no longer trust the people that may offer answers then its a none starter….but who can blame us…

  • On 26th May 2009 at 03:54 PM Admin said...

    We only have to look at the recent death of the baby girl with 13 broken ribs and her death should be independently reviewed because I find it unusual that the foster parents are not prosecuted because as far as the judge, ss and government are concerned the baby was ill anyway so what the hell. It is a serious problem and even the EU has heavily critised the UK government on the way it deals with child abuse in the care system and outside care and how it deals with families.

  • On 26th May 2009 at 04:18 PM Portia said...

    Wow, that is really well put.

    Put LA. Court Judges, Coram, Cafcass, Tavistock, expert witnesses, needy adults conditioned to believe they need to adopt to be whole, and we find the situation we are in today.

    Children are the commodity and worth money.

    But money is not the only reason that rich people want access to innocent children.

    Power- power over life and death is the big one for these sadistic people, who think they have a God given right to use the rest of us like cattle- it is in their holy books.So they justify it all.

    Do gooders always use God as the excuse- it is handy, as he is never there to speak for himself.

    The aim of the brainwashed social worker is to snatch as many children from loving families as possible, break them down using various methods, cause soul fragmentation to cut off the higher self, leaving the child feeling abandoned etc.

    Then push an un natural attachment onto a so called carer.

    The social worker is the facilitator in many cases for the pedophile groups who operate inside and outside the system.

    Torture has been used for thousands of years, especially by the Roman church.

    Think Inquisition, witches, especially women and children hunted down and tortured by sadistic patriarchs who believed themselves to be superior to the masses.

    The patriarchs could only control the masses through brainwashing and fear.

    Brainwashing was done using God-telling the masses about sin and hell and keeping them obedient.

    Torture to let the others see that this is what happens if you disobey.

    Here we are in 2009 and world terrified their children could be next.

    So, it has worked, until now.

    Social services document all the abuse so they knew, and why did they do nothing?

    Many are scared to speak out. Most only want their money at the end of the month.

    Yes, there is a case where all 6 children were wrongfully removed, Knowingly placed with unassessed carer, where they were raped, tortured, drugged, sold to men for £30 a time.

    They changed the name of the carer on the court papers- as this carer was on disability allowance for being mentally ill- and had a carer of her own 24/7

    As Ian says- you could not make it up.

    Only when you see the paperwork is it possible to believe it.

    The judges rubberstamped the placements just like they did in Ireland yrs ago.

    We are speaking 2001 to 2007- so not long ago.

    In this case it was clear that SS got it wrong in the beginning and would not admit it- but they placed the children with the woman who made the allegation to begin with.

    From there it got worse and worse and not until an advocate took the case of one of the children- when he got into trouble with the law-did the truth emerge.

    The one thing I noticed was the collusion involved by the SS, expert witnesses, Guardians, Judges, police, child protection, Lord Justices, etc.

    The barrister owned the house that the children were placed in- it had a cellar.

    Local Authority paid to have the house modernised, so the Barister was getting this done for free.

    Local authority paid all the bills.

    That is tax payers money- so why should they worry.

    When one decent social worker came in and removed the children- the Judge went crazy.!!!

    No need to ask why.

    Now, they have created trauma clinics to study the abused children.

    It is a brilliant scam and our taxes are being used to pay for it all

    Abused children are fodder for the future.

    Psychiatrists need patients so SS create them.
    Drugs need to be sold to make money- so patients created.

    We are speaking 2001 to 2007- so not long ago.

    In this case it was clear that SS got it wrong in the beginning and would not admit it- but they placed the children with the woman who made the allegation to begin with.

    She was a well known prostitute and drug dealer.

    From there it got worse and worse and not until an advocate took the case of one of the children- when he got into trouble with the law-did the truth emerge.

    I knew because I had worked on the case for a long time.

    The one thing I noticed was the collusion involved by the SS, expert witnesses, Guardians, Judges, police, child protection, Lord Justices, etc.

    All the time they were a step ahead, with doctored transcripts etc.

    All to keep it covered up.

    So, for the past few days I researched.

    Children in corporate care are easily used and abused in secret- like in Ireland- where we all knew as children that the elite came to the care homes and chose any child they wanted.

    It is difficult to find the words to explain all this simply.

    I know it sounds mad, but we are all made of energy after all, and some just want to steal from others- it is unseen by the naked eye- so people just keep asking, what is going on really.?

    If we say Total Control- then it is easier to explain.

    That is get the children young- like the Jesuits say- remember Tony Blair- pre birth if possible-!!break them down, show them no love at all- as Hitler taught- and then they will be 100% obedient to their master.

    The system has to get the loving parents out of the picture as soon as possible and keep them out for the indoctrination to be a success.

    Love destroys their chances of success.

    I am putting a few links on here for those who want to know more.

    It is scary, but we need to know the truth.

    Here we can see why pedophiles are rarely caught and imprisoned.

    Why they are trying to legalise pedophilia- close to it in USA at the moment and in Germany. and History/Pedophocracy/child_sexual_abuse_in_Brussels.htm

    From our comfortable seat in life . we never could have imagined that thousands of well-off adults, integrated and even cultured, find pleasure in seeing children tortured and killed.”

    “Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose… I am also a theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God’s will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of flesh, between people… paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose.

    With boldness, they can say, ‘I believe this is in fact part of God’s will’.”

    Ralph Underwager, ‘expert’ witness for the defense in scores of child abuse cases and former vocal member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, in an interview in Paidika (a pro-pedophilia publication), conducted in June 1991

  • On 26th May 2009 at 06:08 PM Admin said...

    Portia thats a very good post. I believe the Kendall House girls served a purpose. That scale of abuse didn’t come about accidently. I have my theories and am working on them grin

  • On 26th May 2009 at 07:36 PM ian josephs said...

    More children are taken for “risk” of harm than actual harm;Why? Simply because a crystal ball type forecast by so called experts is impossible for parents to disprove.
    Even supposing there is a risk why does the court NEVER compare the risk of leaving a child with a parent with the usually much much greater risk of putting a child in care where more than half end up in jail or selling their bodies on the street and very very few leave school with any qualifications whatever?
    Surely the lesser “risk” if no harm has yet befallen a child is to avoid care at all costs!

  • On 27th May 2009 at 02:45 PM ian josephs said...

    Alas social workers DO have an abundance of common sense,which they use disgracefully to win cases against parents who are advised to cooperate and who consequently lose their children to forced adoption!
    With soothing tones the mother is persuaded to split from her partner,give up her job to see more of her children by now in care,and then to give up her house or flat as too large for one person !
    Gradually these parents are manipulated by shrewd but unscrupulous social workers into losing hope,losing all fighting spirit ,and finally losing their children for life to the horific adoption machine !
    Sad,but true,social workers are not stupid just evil !

  • On 27th May 2009 at 07:43 PM richard roper said...

    “Portia thats a very good post. I believe the Kendall House girls served a purpose. That scale of abuse didn’t come about accidently. I have my theories and am working on them”

    This is clearly the case. There is a huge effort, based in America, of these experiments in how to control populations and - wait for it - based on abuse.

    The other thing is that they do all collude - sw’s, guardians, police, lawyers for the defence, judges. I’ve seen them do it.

  • On 27th May 2009 at 10:16 PM Portia said...

    You are all welcome.

    The answer is in this video.

    Research Tavistock.

    I began researching 14 years ago, as that was when I first came across this evil.

    I agree with Ian, it is evil personified.

    Divide and control- cause parents to split up, destroy the family and the state become corporate parent to all children.

    Produce cold hearted, unemotional children- zombies, so abused their spirit is broken and they just nod to everything.

    Use mind control drugs on children in their “care” to keep them quiet- 66% of children in US care are on psychopathic drugs.

    yes, abuse is the key to control through fear and soul fragmentation, and very few know how to do soul retrieval or are too scared to re visit the nightmares.

    So, the child remains fragmented for life, totally destroys relationships etc, because of lack of understanding.

    We cannot trust anyone in the system to ask for help, as they will say we are crazy and lock us up in mental hospitals to prove they were right, as these people are never wrong, you realise.

    There is a facility in Canada ready to warehouse 2 million mental patients.!!!

    They have already decided how many they are going to warehouse there - if the people remain in their coma, like sleeping beauty.

    You are all awake and aware.

    In some hospitals they use reflex anal dilation tests on children and babies.

    I have heard the recording - it is beyond belief that a doctor would inflict such pain on a baby, for no reason.

    That doctor knew that by using RAD, she was sending the kundalini up from the base chakra to the brain at rapid speed, to blow the babies mind,

    It is barbaric.

    They have the knowledge, but abuse it.

    The good decent social workers leave quickly, but the rest get the power rush out of it.The Queen of Removals with pictures of all babies she stole on her computer as trophies, was a real eye opener.

    Her reason for snatching children for adoption was- she fantasised as a child of being adopted, as she was never good enough for her own mother- who only had one arm, and Snatcher felt embarrassed by her own non perfect mother.
    So, she projected all this onto every mother she came across.

    She also trained in psychology and used the knowledge to mentally torture naieve parents and children.

    SS tend to have very low education, so perfect for training them to snatch children.

    I know one cleptomaniac in training-  know.!

    55% SS were abused themselves as children- !!!! so in their daily work, they see every parent as an abuser or a potential abuser, but do not accept that they are the real abusers- they are the do gooders- saving all these children, just like the Catholic Church did in Ireland, Canada, Australia etc- but the truth was the children were being used in every evil way imaginable and all kept secret.

    Nothing has changed.

    It is worse in fact, as now it is no longer the poor they are after, but the middle class and their children, because adopters demand a better breed of child.

    Sorry to be so crude- like animal breeding-but it is eugenics, pure and evil.

    How many children are being stolen for use in research into chemo drugs, etc, and all the fabricated excuses to gain that child for their evil doctors to poison.

    Dr Mengele would be proud, as would the barbarian Catholic Church.

    The good news is some parents have weathered the storm and are now back in fighting mode, more wise and alert.

    Many suffer Legal Abuse Syndrome- deliberately caused by being abused as a service user.

    A child in corporate care got a social worker to cry last week and admit she had allowed the child and siblings to be sexually abused, etc.

    So,when a child is able to survive all that and speak her truth,then change is upon us.

  • On 28th May 2009 at 05:19 AM ian josephs said...

    The worst culprits are NOT the social workers but the JUDGES who nearly always rubberstamp the outrageous demands of social services.They agree to nearly all their plans first to put babies and young children into care and then to have them adopted.
    The easiest and most practical remedy would be to give the final verdict in care cases to juries. They would for example never take newborn babies from their mothers for “risk of emotional abuse”( now statistically the most frequent reason for snatching them !)

  • On 28th May 2009 at 09:20 PM John said...

    An overriding problem in all areas of abuse is Power / Vulnerable. And when ever you have the two Abuse is rarely far from being done or the potental. Your article has many points that are proven in fact. Mnay that I agree with. Those guilty obviously deny. But the problem is these are all around subjects that still are taboo for many in the public to engage in. Only when that happens can we unravel what has always been. Thats why we must all keep talking about it. To brake barriers down. And let them know we will never stop. On the point when it comes to the system failing us. And why. I look at the fact that the abusers as you know get away with it mostly because of the pain of faceing court by the victim (not helped by the system) The knowledge of even in the minority of cases when some one stands up sometimes many years later. And goes through with the court the sentences is yet more of a rape of us and society. If you write to goverment and talk about sentences like i have done. They talk of long sentences or recent powers given to judges to give longer sentences. Yet this is rare. Why? And when they replied this to me As I said to a friend “then how come when I and others turn on our TV and hear of sentences in general your lucky if they get two to five years.” indeed I go further. There are times when you can serve longer for repeated burglury than abuse. And when that happens what does that say about the society? That there are times when the system places your posessions before the inocence of a child. How after all these years of child abuse can it be still like this. And there has to be a reason why all parties that have been in goverment have in my opinion never tackled this subject seriously enough. And if they cant what hope could we ever have if we alone left it down to them. We cant. We know and We wont.

    B safe 1st always…


  • On 31st May 2009 at 11:04 AM Portia said...

    Ian, the Judges rubberstamp the demands of social workers, just like they did for the Catholic Church for years.

    It makes life so easy then for the judges, to sit back, no need to check the court bundles, etc.

    And of course, if they do not have to read the truth of the real abuse of children in corporate care- so much better.

    But you and I Ian both know the real truth that the judges do not want to be seen condoning corruption, so they abuse their discretion by keeping the courts operating in kangaroo style, like in the past.

    Shudder the thought that the people find out the truth of this baby stealing business, operating like Georgia Tann and the judge not so long ago in USA.

  • On 3rd Nov 2009 at 12:30 PM jo said...

    you are right, im one of those systematically brainwashed kids .im now a adult and i have emotional problems from my childhood abuse which started at home and ended in care, with me being raped again and again as ppl pick on vunerable children, the child, me, dosnt tell becuase no one does anything, i told socail services i was abused they wouldnt do anything, so i assumed that my 1st rapist<my cousin> was telling the truth, that no one would listen and that they would punish me for not co-operating ..and they did… they topped it off by letting other ppl rape and abuse me too sexually and racially ...welcome to bristol of equality and justice for all ..

  • On 29th Feb 2012 at 02:25 PM Cheryl Rathbone said...

    They did it to me. My son had ADHD/Asperger’s. They tore my family apart when all I did was ask for help. A brave police officer at a child protection meeting stated that I needed help against social services. I was the one who needed protection, not my children. It was years later when I realised what he was trying to tell me. Two of my children ended up in care. They tried to adopt out my beautiful daughter. She has been brainwashed. They played the divide and rule game and because my husband and I were strong, they went to the wider family.That worked!
    I am trying to repair my relationship with my daughter but she has been fed so many lies. When she recently needed help, she contacted SS, but because she is now an adult, she was straight out told they had washed their hands of her as she was too old.All they care about is protecting each other. Judges, social workers, guardians, the lot, they are parasites.
    My son, not having received the help he needed because I refused to accept that I was the cause of his behaviour, that it was learned behaviour, is now basically a drifter with no contact with either side of his family.

  • On 26th Mar 2012 at 09:33 PM maria hillier said...

    But not happy with the system because I have been the carer off my granddaughter from the age of 6 maths now she has been taken off me .she is now six and taken from me 6mths ago.
    Thing’s changed when Chelsea come home and told me that mums panther done some so worrying I had to report it to the social service and the police where involved.But they are telling me there is no problem with my care they are saying I cant look after her emotional
    needs when I was left to deal with Chelsea when this sexual matter come to light she was very upset and withdrawn and very clinging and would not stay in her bedroom I had deal with her but they was not interested then..
    Now they are saying that she has to go up for adoption which I really think is wrong I am not been given a chance to prove that if changes are needed I can do them.
    I do think now that because they
    are just taking children out off the care off the carer just for the hell off
    It because they are being watched because off the death off baby p.
    Please help this little girl because she is not a happy little girl since she has been in care.
    If I had done something really wrong this would not be easy but I think it would be in the best interest for Chelsea to go up for adoption.  But Chelsea does not want to go she has said a few time that she is not going I want to stay with you nana and sleep in my hello kitty bedroom. And stay with all my friends. Chelsea has also got special needs and she will be left in the system and not cared for like I have done over the years. She has a d h d hearing loss fitted with hearing aid and the foster carer has tried saying that Chelsea don’t need hearing aid Chelsea lips reads. Please give her the chance to stay where she is loved and care for.
    I left my home when Chelsea father trashed it and put myself in a refuge have said will move out off the area. I have had one hell off a lot to deal with they will not give me the chance to change thing for Chelsea. Chelsea is not going to now what hit her I have allway said I will be there for her when mum and dad have walked away.

    A very sad and loving nana

  • On 29th Sep 2012 at 10:22 AM Thet said...

    This news is shameful.  I am lucky I am a grnedparnat and my children are fit and healthy and are looking after their own children.  However, in my work as a Parent Support Adviser I come across a number of families that are doing such a fantastic and very difficult job of raising other family members children, many of whom would have been taken into care if they had not stepped in!  Of course we want families to have a work ethic but these families are already working hard building children’s self-esteem, confidence, developing a sense of worth and coming to terms with the rejection they may be feeling.  While often ensuring their own children are not being hurt emotionally   having to share their parents, not having the money to do the things they are used to doing .the list is endless.As stated in the article Kinship Carers save the tax payer hundreds and thousands of pounds not only in the savings of children not being placed in care but raising children that are secure and safe and are supported in making the correct choices that prevents the children from entering into the path of anti social behaviour.I wish you luck in your campaign and hope that, for once, the Government listen!

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