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The DCSF Do Not Monitor Children Drugged Whilst in the Care of Local Authorities

28th Jul 2009 | in Child Mental Health

A freedom of information request exposes the Department of Children, Schools and Families who do not monitor or hold any information on the number of vunerable children currently being given psychiatric drugs in the care system thus undermining their own regulations and the children’s home acts they constantly say has regulations on the drugging of children.

One would need to question how the DCSF can protect children in care from the misuse of psychiatric drugs if they do not monitor the use of these drugs given to vunerable children in local authority care. They do not monitor the doctors or the children given psychiatric drugs leaving vunerable children at risk.

Children in care are often diagnosed with depression, ADHD, emotional problems and various other mental health illnesses they dont have and the first answer is to whipp them to a doctor and give them drugs. This is not the answer and is a lazy way to deal with children who are in care to be cared for. The parents who complain are ignored as are the children. Two cases have recently been reported to no2abuse and I have seen evidence that shows there is a current problem on the drugs used on children in care.

Cases of children still being placed in adult mental health hospitals is a growing problem and higher numbers of children placed into secure units

So who is monitoring the safety and management of drugs and the doctors that prescribe them to such vunerable children?

No One

Looked after children are at risk and during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s drugs given to vunerable children were not monitored and that led to thousands of children being wrongly drugged in care and given the fact the DCSF do not monitor the drugging of children in care we wonder how many more children are suffering in silence

Were you drugged in care? Are your children currently on any psychiatric drugs whilst in local authority care or in the last ten years? Have your children been prescribed drugs whilst in care for ADHD?

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  • On 31st Jul 2009 at 04:46 PM pandora said...

    i cant beleieve this use of drugs is still being used on children in care this is so wrong, why arent people in authority doing something to stop this, surly someone has to care?

  • On 4th Aug 2009 at 05:06 PM karen said...

    Because its the people in authority and with authority that do it because they can,CARE thats an understatement,we had to suffer at KH without any caring or commpassion,and it is terrible and very sad that the misuse of drugs on children is still going on,we live in a very unfair and cruel world and wonder when will this ever stop.

  • On 5th Aug 2009 at 11:19 PM not a MP said...

    All the authorities /councils care about is MONEY & POWER, they will use it and abuse it, until they are made accountable, and they will be !!

    Maybe someone should pin them down and drug them, it would be a start in the right direction, they can run but never hide

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