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Who Would You Trust? The Cuckoo Or A Senior Public Sector Worker/Politician by John

9th Jan 2009 | in General News

The cuckoo

The sound of the cuckoo is to many the very essence of spring, yet behind the magical call is a bird that is a cheat, a thief and a killer. Just how does the cuckoo trick other birds into accepting its eggs and raising its young? Why don’t the duped foster parents react as they watch the baby cuckoo destroy their own eggs and chicks? And why do they work so relentlessly to feed a demanding chick that looks nothing like them and will soon dwarf them?

Sounds very much like what MPs, public sector managers, officials, bureaucrats, spongers and other poisons within human society are like. We say many of these people with status and wealth live in “cloud cuckoo land”, so this justifies why it is called such with the cloud like a smokescreen so that their doings are not clearly visible to the general public and they also think that they are higher up than the public in general with their heads in the clouds too.

I am going to start referring to MPs, councillors, ministers, bureaucrats, local authority managers, executives, officials, etc. who don’t do their jobs properly but manipulate everything against the needs of the public as “cuckoos” because of how deceitful their images are with all the cheating, theft and abuse of rights they carry out forcing vulnerable people to suffer even more whilst trying to dupe the public into thinking they are doing their jobs properly and fairly.

Imagine this description based on the first paragraph:

The rank of someone in authority is to many the very essence of status, wealth and integrity, yet behind this glossy image is someone who is a cheat, a thief and a killer. Just how does someone with this rank trick other people into accepting proposals for reform for raising the young into decent prosperous adults? Why don’t the duped parents of these children react as they watch public sector workers abuse their children’s rights and destroy the development of their potential? And why are decent hard working parents and others who work so relentlessly to support their families taxed to the hilt and forced to go without in order to subsidise the greed of these people in authority who do nothing in the interest of others in society and will soon dwarf them?


  • On 9th Jan 2009 at 06:23 PM michaelmac said...

    Brilliant They are just like cuckoos”

  • On 9th Jan 2009 at 06:49 PM Natasha said...

    Hi John,

    What a great description of the current state the government is in and its approach to society. Government was supposed to be a protective force for the greater good, to shield society from harm and restore peace to the land whenever it was threatened.

    Now, politicians and local authorities have put this mantra far behind them and all but a few have forgotten the true calling of the civil servant: to look after a nation in its care.

  • On 10th Jan 2009 at 08:39 AM Teresa said...


  • On 10th Jan 2009 at 10:26 AM michaelmac said...

    Teresa they have non

  • On 10th Jan 2009 at 06:42 PM not a MP said...

    The trouble is most of the Cuckoo’s are also asleep and dont want to be woken up!

    they really do live in a cosy little world and unfortunately it is only the public that will really make them sit up and take notice at the ballot box.

    unfortunately they would rather peck to death their own than face any real concerns
    and show their failings

  • On 14th Nov 2010 at 04:43 AM phobian said...

    In my youth I had a job in a petrol station and every last one of the drivers who asked for a receipt wanted a larger amount printed on it than they had actually spent on fuel. This was so that they could claim more expense money back from their employers than they were entitled to. You people complain as though politicians are the only ones cheating but the reality is that everyone in society will steal from their employers if given the chance and pretend it’s a perk they have a right to. Have you ever seen the kitchen staff in places like hospitals and schools etc. when they leave work? Why do they all have such large bags? Surely they can’t be taking stolen food home, can they? These thieving bastards add billions to the cost of living but hardly hardly anyone ever mentions it. I would bet that 90% of public sector workers have some fiddle on the go.

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