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The Church of England Non Independent Kendall House Child Abuse Review. Yet Another Cover Up

6th Mar 2016 | in

The Church of England are holding a NON independent review into Kendall House despite promising an independent review.

It is clear the Bishop of Rochester wants to be in control and to steer the review to the churches favour.

The Terms of Reference are incorrect and even include blatant lies about Kendall House, the regime and done to mislead the public into the events that took place at the notorious home run by the Church of England.

The church of England and Kendall House review panel led by CofE woman Dr Sue Proctor (not independent) deliberately withheld all information on the review from Kendall House women and their children/grandchildren born with birth defects.

Despite many attempts to obtain information about the review, the Rochester team,  Bishop James and the panel deliberately withheld all information to prevent anyone questioning it.

We all found out about the review details when the media contacted us for a comment because the Church done a press release with the panel and we were the last to find out.

That is yet another abusive tactic meant to cause harm and distress and it worked.

They think and treat us as if we are still in Kendall House and they can treat us any way they please. We had no say or input into the review or how it was set up because Bishop James Langstaff has steered it all to his own advantage because Kendall House was run by the diocese of both Rochester and Canterbury (ArchBishop).

They didn’t want anyone to question it or the terms of reference or the lies in it.

Please do not submit to the review unless you feel you are still in Kendall House and you want the abuse to continue being covered up.

The Bishop has behaved in a way no Bishop should behave but we can’t expect any different when the church have so many cases of child abuse against them and each has suffered a cover up via the reviews?

Ex Bishop Peter Ball is just one example. Please google it.

We are now on the same boat as those victims and we all have something in common. We have all suffered an injustice at the hands of the Church of England who to date have no remorse at all for their actions.


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