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Over 10 Children Under Five Disappear in the Care System

10th Jul 2009 | in Child Protection

Figures revealed by the Children’s Minister show that more than 10 children under the age of five went missing whilst in local authority care placements between March 2007 and March 2008.

The House of Commons revealed that at least one child under the age of one went missing although they cant give the exact figures as they simply don’t know so there could be many more unreported and over 10 young children between the ages of one and four went missing from the care system

Children in care from all ages go missing and its been an ongoing problem for years and it is the one area the Government and DCSF ignore as do Social Services and the Police.

This area needs more indepth monitoring and given those children at such a young age are missing why have we not seen news releases giving a description so that the public can be made aware as was the case with Maddy or dont children in care matter?

Social workers should also be accountable for any children that go missing as this is either total incompetence and there should be a public demand to know what the Government, DCSF, Police and Social Services have done to find those missing children.

Have they since been found, are they still missing, what has been done to find those children and who was responsible?

Are they being taken by paedophiles aided by abusers within the system? Are their natural parents taking them or are they dead, alive or other?

These questions need to be answered and whilst this is a regular occurance over decades it has never been taken seriously by our failing Government or The Social Care System. 

We are not in the Bermuda triangle and children dont simply up and disappear and the only way they can disapear is by an adult being involved.


  • On 7th Aug 2009 at 06:41 AM liz davies said...

    A very interesting article Teresa.
    When the Fred and Rose West case happened there was an inquiry about children missing from care within Gloucester social services because some of the children murdered by the West’s were from the care system. The excellent report by the Bridge Child Care Consultancy found that many children had gone missing from care in Gloucester and that no one knew what had happened to them. This led to missing children protocols in all authorities to be actioned by all agencies particularly police and children’s services. Unfortunately they are not always implemented.
    There is no official record of children who go missing and are not found. There are records of children notified to police as missing but many of these just have small arguments with their family and go to a friend overnight somewhere nearby and turn up quickly.  There are a few children who go missing who need child protection planning and urgent action to find them. In particular research points to children who are young, go for more than one night and go far from home. These factors particularly indicate a high risk situation.  We need to press for police to keep national statistics about those children who go missing and are not found and we need more public interest into the scale of the problem. Of course unaccompanied minors go missing through trafficking both within and outside the UK and the scale of this is also not known.

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