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Teresa Cooper, Receives Picfair Award & Features 8th Place on Picfair Ozone With Stunning Photograph

19th Nov 2016 | in About Teresa Cooper

Congratulations to Author and Amatuer Photographer Teresa Cooper, who features 8th place on Picfair Ozone.

Author of best seller Trust No One, Teresa Cooper, lay down her pen albeit temporary and took up photography as a form of self help therapy and with stunning results. Snow laden trees and images of the Aurora Borealis capture the essence of a truly magical winter wonderland in Lapland.

Facing extreme cold temperatures up to minus 40 for lengthy periods with restricted mobility due to ill health, may for some seem like an experience from hell but for Teresa, it was sanctuary, a place she could be free and do what she enjoy’s most, taking photographs and capturing those personal memories.

Lapland in Finland has become a firm favourite for the Author who talks about her experience like a child with a new toy. The excitement flows and her eye light up just at the mere mention of snow and the Aurora Borealis also known to many as the Northern Lights. 

“Lapland is a place I can lose myself with peaceful surroundings. I am armed with nothing but my cameras and a sleigh to pull my equipment with ease. It glides along without any effort and less of a physical strain. The deeper the snow the better. Photography is my passion, my therapy and something that takes me to a safe place in my mind where I can relax and be free. Finland is a beautiful country and has a wonderful friendly culture I willingy lose myself in. It is magical and the people are warm and welcoming.

The cold weather conditions eased my physical pain which often surprises people but more importantly, it eases my busy mind. My cameras have become my friendly tools and personal therapy. I look through the eye of my camera and life takes on a new meaning for me. I love snow. It brings out the child in me and when the Aurora Borealis comes out to play, my excitement over flows and I am ready and waiting. Photography has become a very positive part of my life. It gets me through each day and where ever I go, my cameras go with me. I started off with a bridge camera and soon found myself holding a DSLR. I have never looked back. I recently lost one of my DSLRs to over use but I am gaining experience and knowledge when I explore other cameras available in the market place. Finding one that suits my needs is as important as taking the photographs. The Nothern lights, winter scenery, astrophotography and wildlife are my passion.  I always seek to improve my photography skills but my main aim is to enjoy what I do. I spend a lot of time documenting what works for me and what doesn’t and when away, I am often found helping other new photographers with their cameras so they can return home with their memories”



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