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Social Workers on Anti Depressants – Do As I Say And Not As I Do

20th Oct 2009 | in Social Care

It is of great concern that over one third of social workers in the South East are on Anti-depressants due to work pressures as seen in recent news which is alarming as it now leaves social workers open to further criticism. Rightfully so because it is all relevant when dealing with families and children in the UK. Those suffering a mental health illness or form of depression of which many are prescribed drugs are often faced with being treated with shame and a social outcast and it is still very much a taboo subject leaving many suffering in silence. 

The discrimination law came into effect to protect those with a mental health illness from such prejudice, hate or unfairness. We also know that local authorities and social care systems heavily promote fairness and equal rights to anyone suffering a mental health illness. It looks good on paper…

But do they practice what they preach?

The social care system demands equal rights for those with mental health problems, promotes employment rights or better treatment of those suffering from such a taboo illness and Gordon Brown himself has now called for a “change in attitudes” towards mental illness, insisting people should be more open about the subject.

What makes it a little difficult to take on board what Gordon Brown is saying is the fact the social care system he himself helped mould along with his cronies like Ed Balls is using mental health via social services to legally discriminate against thousands of families in the UK in a bid to remove children and place them into the already failed care system.

That discrimination takes place in social services every single day of the week across the entire country and now social workers are being faced with their own convictions against others.

Sophie Corlett external relations director of mental health charity Mind said “People with experience of mental distress may be attracted to professions where they can draw on their experiences to offer support to others,”

It is good to have a level of understanding and experience when supporting those who need help so to use our own experiences be it of mental health or from surviving the notorious care system we can be of great assistance to those who are in vulnerable positions or at times feeling low due to every day life as it can be a valuable asset when dealing with those going through it now. This low can happen to anyone including social workers as we are human and we all suffer from the same human emotions.

When is mental health legally misused?

Families who didn’t have a mental health issue will soon find themselves branded as having one once a social worker imposes themselves on a family’s life. Parents across the country in the thousands are being forced to see psychiatrists for evaluation many whilst at the height of losing their children when they are the height of shock and distress. Emotional abuse is one of the most used forms of possible abuse used against families when removing children by social workers in this country. It could be anything from your house not being tidy enough, your child truanting from school because they are being bullied in school and yet the mother is blamed, what you feed your child, being too old, not being bright enough, learning difficulties and a very common one is mental health or depression of the parent. Emotional abuse of a child according to social workers is often brought on by mental health, underlying mental health issues or depression in a parent leaving the child to be suffering from possible emotional abuse or at possible risk of serious harm even if the child has never been physically harmed in any way. 

Should we be more alarmed because it’s a fact that social workers do use mental health against mothers when removing children which brings us to these questions.

Should social workers face the same forced mental health evaluations they force on parents and should it remain documented on file and open for question?

When social workers pass all their written tests should they have rigorous checks into their family circumstances, the state of their home and their parenting skills?

Will social workers pose a risk to their own children when they are suffering from the same factors ie depression and mental health which they use against families to suggest those mums and dads may possibly emotionally abuse or are a serious risk to their children?

Are we to believe that social workers who’s mental health is affected and on prescription drugs to help them cope can make sound decisions about other people’s children when they accuse mothers on a daily basis of not being capable of making sound decisions because they maybe receiving mental health support or taking a prescription drug for depression or mental health issue?

Is it unreasonable to suggest that social workers should be exempt from such assumptions just because they carry the title of “social worker” when after all, they are human and will go through the same emotions in life as the families they are involved with and remove their children for the same factors they themselves are suffering from

Discrimination against parents with mental health problems have undoubtedly been misused against families legally in the removal of children not at risk and yet if anyone were to use the same discrimination in the work place there would be a public outcry and plenty of cases in the tribunal court

Where do we go from here?

Many of these questions are being asked and they need answering but what we also need to work towards is to help social workers understand the difference between a child at risk of serious harm which are the children they regularly miss, some end up dead as a result and ask why emotional abuse tops their lists of priority which costs lives of the very children in desperate need of protection, the ones that slip through the social services net. Dragging thousands of parents through the system for emotional abuse which cant be defined but sounds great in a civil court costs millions of pounds and is a waste of resources and is too easy for social workers to deal with than noticing the child that’s suffering in silence

That is reflected in the number of children now dead as a result of social services mistakes and those children that died had major factors surrounding their deaths and emotional abuse wasn’t the reason they died.

That money used chasing parents through the courts for emotional abuse could be better spent on helping children at risk of serious harm and in danger or that money could be better spent helping those families who need extra support as opposed to having their child ripped away and put into a care system that isn’t failing because it has failed.

Campaigners will naturally continue to pursue the mental health of social workers now its in the open and social workers are now facing the daunting side of having those issues used against them the same way they use them against parents.

It is wrong to misuse mental health against anyone be it a parent or social worker and it is hoped alot can be learned from this but sadly it probably wont happen because the system is on the defensive and fails to listen which is costing innocent children their lives.





  • On 22nd Oct 2009 at 02:02 PM Bystander said...

    This article is very good. It shows how easily things are misused against people but in all honesty I can see why social workers are on a low

    I have dealt with mums who are

    * Rude
    * Abusive
    * Cruel to others
    * Drain you
    * Get legless & abuse others
    * Abuse others on and off the net
    * Show no remorse for their actions
    * Gang up on survivors/campaigners just to be cruel
    * Mock others abuse
    * Try and discredit survivors abuse
    * Harass people/social workers/survivors/volunteers
    * Say everyone else is lying but them
    * Say everyone else is bad even when they are doing the abusing
    * Totaly fabricate events to make themselves look the victim when they are the one abusing

    If you dare as to get angry and say something back when being abused by them gets too much to cope with they tell everyone youve said this that and the other and fabricate things to look like they are the victim when they are doing all the abusing.

    I have seen those mums set up hate campaigns against “us” volunteers who try and help and its truly shocking how they abuse us/people and then play the victim.You will see those same mothers attacking social workers and accusing them of doing that to them.

    Thankfully not all mothers are like that but this is enough to depress a saint

    Some social workers do abuse mothers or children in care but

    * Not all social workers are bad
    * Not all social workers will subject a   mother or child to personal abuse
    * Not all social workers can take the daily onslaught of abuse they get from mums

    Social workers make mistakes, plenty of them but so do some mothers

    Teresa it is a good article and well written. I can see where your coming from but it does need to show both sides of the fence a little more (just a suggestion)

    Don’t give up Teresa as I know you have been put through hell by some mothers (gossip travels fast).You can’t be expected to take that form of abuse for as long as you did and not explode when it gets too much. You have been through enough without being used then abused by the ignorant. I just want you to know that I support your cause and understand how hard it must be for you. I have read your amazing book and can only begin to imagine how you must feel when you have been abused by social services and now by some mothers. Hang in there girl. Lets see some of the fun old blogs I used to read on here. Where have they gone?

  • On 22nd Oct 2009 at 08:44 PM Admin said...

    its the old gen social workers that have ruined the system and left the new or trainee social workers to take the flack of the legacy the older gen ones created and left behind for them to deal with.i know they get depressed, who wouldnt as it depressed me alot. i hope the new and trainee social workers get rid of all those bad ones that are still in the system and make changes for the better.

  • On 22nd Oct 2009 at 08:48 PM Admin said...

    ps if i had my way id get rid of every existing social worker thats been there for over 2 years and get in an entire new stock of new and fresh social workers in. Thats the only way to get rid of the crap in the system.children dying has been going on for decades so that should tell us something about existing social workers and that cant be blamed on the newies as they take guidance from those already in the system.

    Good luck to all the new or trainee social workers

  • On 18th Aug 2010 at 06:42 PM CATH said...

    Hi Social workers have put my family through HELL over the last 2 years. I am a mum that suffered recent depressive illness that requires hospitalisation - however as soon as I’m getting ill the relevant medical professionals have been sought - I have never put any of my 3 children at risk - HOWEVER THANKS TO SOCIAL SERVICES I have had to endure a 2 year court case (that is still ongoing) I can only see my children for 2 one hour sessions a week that are supervised by a contact worker even though I am well and create NO RISK to any one. My children repeatedly ask me if they can see me more BUT IT IS ALL DOWN TO SOCIAL SERVICES ACTING LIKE GOD. I really miss my children and they miss me.It is SO PAINFUL SEEING SO LITTLE OF THEM - as up to 2 years ago I had been a fulltime mum (for 9 years) when it was decided by Social services that because of my mental health problems that would be no more and all contact has been controlled . SOCIAL SERVICES DO NOT SUPPORT , THEY ONLY JUDGE . I JUST HOPE ONE DAY THEY START ACTUALLY ASSESSING FAMILIES WHERE ABUSE TAKES PLACE AND NOT THOSE THAT ADURE THEIR CHILDREN

  • On 10th Sep 2010 at 01:21 AM Dandy said...

    Hi Kath,
    I feel for you, your experience is no different from mine’s, I am presently enduring a Nightmare not forgetting my sons.
    I wish we can write to each other personally as our life long destruction have similarities in every sense.
    Write to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and maybe we can be more open and share our sad experiences with the draconian Social Services and their inhumane Social Workers.
    Thanks and write soon.

  • On 23rd Oct 2010 at 06:58 AM Karen said...

    My experience of the social services was bad enough!!! but the family assessment team is even worse!! they twist your words they lie they are unprofessional bullying and discriminate against mental health your home life childhood etc!!How can you fight a dept that is run by a council that cares nothing for the best intrest of children!! i am so run down by the process, and know many many other families that are being put through hell by these power hungry people in the name of the law!! social services have made so many mistakes in the past that now everyone is fair game for them i think its high time we all came together to fight this injustice and let the public know exactly what they are facing from these child snatching hypocrites!!! Karen

  • On 5th Nov 2010 at 11:25 AM jodie said...

    mps name and shame social workers at parimant. Mums out their experiancing troubles with social services contact your local mp. And doctor. If your on beniefits i think you maybe able to get court fees paid for. I prob comment again later. X with more social workers are not saints

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