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Pin Down aka Trust No One by Teresa Cooper eBook New! Kendall House

14th Apr 2009 | in Kendall House Child Abuse News


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  • On 22nd Apr 2009 at 08:54 PM seren said...

    The book is beyond words - i couldnt put it down and cried through the majority of it.  Teresa is a terrific lady and has come out of those horrific years, as a wonderful strong, corageous and extremly selfless woman.

  • On 4th Nov 2009 at 09:48 PM Yvonne Stewart-Taylor said...

    I agree totally with seren. I have just read the book, it took me one day, I could not put it down. Like Seren I cried, felt angry, laughed at times as Teresa told of the childhood pranks she was involved in. Teresa has survived and lived to tell her story, this in itself is a miracle, no less. Teresa has both inspired me and supported me through authoritarian abuse. Teresa is a selfless, beautiful person full of compassion and love for her fellow survivors and humanity. If there is an Angel alive on earth Teresa is such an Angel. A self sacrificing Lady in the true sense of the word, she tirelessly campaignes for changes in a secret corrupt system that covers up some of the most horrendous and henus ritual, physical and emotional abuse. A very special Lady with an extraordinary Spirit, a fighter for justice and freedom she works endlessly to bless the lives of others, in a most selfless fashion. I love this lady and feel desperately sad that she has suffered so much. I totally respect and admire her fortitude. I am also privalidged to have her as a friend, knowing her on a personal level has immeasurably blessed my life.

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