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North Devon Social Services and A Mothers 7 Year Battle

6th Feb 2009 | in Forced Adoption Stories

Mothers stripped of thier children and parental responsibilies by failing Social Services speak up about the recreant system that severs families

North Devon Social Services took my daughter seven years ago when Holly was almost four years old and placed her into temporary foster care. They told me that if I complied with what they where saying I would get her back. I complied as I didn’t understand the system. They at no stage informed me of the process although they did inform me that if I didn’t comply they would take my daughter anyway. The Social Workers came and whilst one SW was blocking me from daughter the other Social Worker enticed my daughter out and took her.

Social Services originally became involved in my family because I ended up in a women’s refuge centre due to suffering from domestic violence from my then new husband. I hadn’t been at the refuge long when Holly then aged three told me someone had hurt her ‘fairy’ (vagina), made it sore and made it bleed.

I did what I thought was best and rang child protection and Social Services.

After weeks of begging Social Services Holly was seen by a paediatrician at Barnstaple and it was determined that she had a 3mm tear below her clitoris and that they could not determine how it had happened but that she needed to go to Bristol children’s hospital for a dating scan (The appointment to date never came through).  They sent her there to determine when it had happened as Holly was often looked after by my adoptive dad and his wife, and her godmother whilst I was at work.

The nurse took Holly to get a lollipop and returned crying, she said that Holly had said someone had hurt her and that it wasn’t me - the nurse said to me she never thought for a minute that it was me, as it was me that had pushed for the appointment.

Social Services said that because I was mentally, physically and emotionally abused as a child and put into care and on the “at risk register” as a child that it was the reason I then proceeded to marry a man that beat me up and ended up in a refuge.  They said I was a risk to Holly, and she was at risk of possible emotional harm and they accused me of being paranoid about paedophiles and portraying my own abuse on Holly. This is not true and because of my own childhood I was more cautious for the safety of my own daughter.

They proceeded to inform Hanna’s dad, who up to that point didn’t want any involvement because his girlfriend didn’t want him to. They have since got married.

They told him if he lied they would make sure that they could have Holly without me being involved, I know this because someone let it slip at a lack review meeting. They then all denied it. Hanna’s dad then had 1 child with his girlfriend and they were then told that they could not have any more.

A court demanded that Holly was to be returned to my care and Social Services remained involved. The Social Worker began to phone me on my mobile if I was out demanding I returned home as she had had anonymous tip off’s that my house was a mess. I have not seen any proof of these tip off’s to date. They then began to build a case up and removed Holly and sent her to her dads. This was in 2002 and Holly was then five. My then solicitor told me I had no option but to back out and I didn’t know any better so I did. I was given unsupervised contact and kept my Parental responsibilities.

Since then, Holly has been coming for unsupervised contact. Her letters are hidden from me and her phone calls are monitored by her step- mum whom Holly calls mammy. Holly has to refer to me by my first name and is not allowed to call me Mum.

Her hair is always full of lice, and she has appeared to have visible signs of malnutrition. When she was eight Holly was visiting me and she threatened to run away from her dads and I informed Humberside police who visited us. We also spoke with south Wales Child Protection Unit. They advised me to keep her for her own safety. I was then issued with a search and retrieve order and was forced to send her back to her dads. A Cafcass officer said Holly should not be removed from her fathers as she felt I had an attitude problem and also because I was not married. Being concerned for my daughters welfare does not mean I have an attitude problem. The following year Holly arrived for contact with no coat on despite the fact that it was winter and extremely cold and she continues to arrive with no suitable winter clothing.  Her teeth were rotten and I telephoned the Social Services as her dental hygiene and care are very important but had clearly been ignored though not in my care. They had a chat with Holly’s dad via phone and decided that was enough and her already damaged teeth was not addressed as to how they were allowed to become rotten.

I restarted proceedings again.

The Cafcass officer has refused to do an assessment on myself and refuses to talk to me on the phone. I have had a psychological report which says I am paranoid and have a personality disorder because I ticked a box to say I felt Social Services were out to get me and were unjust in taking Holly. They were taking sides which I felt was inappropriate behaviour and not in my daughters interest. My solicitor will not demand that the psychologist is called nor will he argue the case. He has asked for residency to be dropped and changed it to contact only without my permission and refuses to ask Cafcass to come and assess me like they are supposed to.

Holly continuously tells them she wants to come home and Cafcass wrote a report to say that this was clearly because Holly is frightened of being disloyal. I feel her her dad and his wife don’t care about anything other than getting rid of me totally as they do not wish me in my daughters life. His wife has applied for Parental responsibility and I was told if I don’t agree then they will be given a different order which means that she will basically be adopted by them.

Final court was thrown out in October, by the judge as Holly’s dad stated he thought I was going to abuse Holly sexually as she is now the age I was when I was sexually abused, and that Holly would be allowed by me to see my abuser (who is married to my mother but I don’t see him) and the judge wasn’t impressed with this stance. The judge was on my side for that one day. She told everyone to go away and come back in December. I fired My solicitor because he wont argue it, he told me to ignore it which I feel is bad advice. He is now telling me it can’t continue as residency due to the public funding it is wasting. I am now acting for myself. final court was in December despite me asking for an adjournment to find new legal rep. The Judge has forced me to continue and I have to act for myself even though I have no legal qualifications. I had to file my written closing argument and am just waiting to hear from the judge as to what her verdict is. I say verdict because having your child stolen is a worse sentence that a criminal should get never mind someone who is not. and it is a sentence for the child too.

Holly is nearly 12 now. her dad and his wife continue to try to disrupt/ stop contact.

The Judge made an order in their favour despite admitting that they were guilty of emotionally abusing Holly. She states that it would be harmful to remove Holly from her home – they certainly did not think of this when they removed her from me. The judge has made a section 91 (14) order which is an order for no more orders for three years, and I have been deemed as having personality disorder traits purely because I have dared to question them.



Holly’s step mother has been given not only parental responsibility but also residency which means the next time she leaves her husband, she can and will take my daughter and then I will not even know where she is.

They emailed me this and I now have the ‘privilege’ of sitting in a phone conference tomorrow to listen to the judge read this to me at my cost. They have also stated that I must attend cognitive therapy for 3 years due to this ‘personality disorder and being paranoid about professionals’ which I strongly dispute.

They are refusing to listen to Holly – which is who this is about isnt it? Holly is not happy and has made this clear and wishes to return home to me.

I have been threatened with a gagging order to prevent me publicly exposing my situation and that of my daughter.

no2abuse comment

The names of the child have been edited. Children are often not listened to by Social Workers, Caffcass officers or the Family Courts leaving the child not only unheard but their best interest ignored. It is ironic that Social Servives remove a child from the mother thus causing distress to the child and then refuse to hand the child back to mother so as not to distress the child further by removing her from her father and step mother. This select parenting is an unhealthy way forward as is putting children into care who shouldnt be there and mothers who fight this action by social workers and Cafcass officers are then forced into an evaluation of their mental health. This is the most common used excuse/tactic of which mental health professionals are happy to go along with and the easiest option used against parents. 

no2abuse calls on the Prime Minister to give us the stats and figures, accurate ones please on how many mothers have been labelled mentally ill or suffering from mental health disorders in cases of forced adoption, removal of children and in cases where children are removed or put into care and their relationships severed with their mothers?

Will all mothers need to fear the removal of their children if they are not considered perfect? A child not at risk should not be removed from mothers because they simply don’t fit the tick list of perfection nor as we often see if they dare as to challenge any social workers, cafcass officer or Judge. Personal opinions of professionals who do not get on with mothers gets in the way of making good sound judgments and is in no way in the child’s best interest. In this case it would be healthier for both parents to have shared care which for some reason wasn’t even considered or thought of in this case.



  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 03:38 PM Beryl said...

    Social Services want locking up. I can verify every word of this statement as I have witnessed it all. I have seen the child literally break down when she knows it is time for her to go back to her father’s home.

    Even though Social Services and the courts have admitted that they have made mistakes and the step parents to Holly have abused her, they still continue to punish Holly’s mum and - more importantly - Holly.

    It is also VERY VERY WRONG that they continue to do this and are going to get away with it until she is 16 - when the law states that the child has a right to voice his/her opinion in where she should live when she is 12.

    When are they TRULY GOING TO THINK OF THE CHILD and not their ludicrous and ill-conceived perceptions, targets and self-enhancing targets.

    When, also, are the government going to put a stop on Social Workers getting away with these mistakes and ‘moving on’ to do it again in another town. Anyone else in work who make life-threatening decisions and mistakes like this are punished, struck off or sacked. Social Services only move their staff elsewhere.

    Family courts should be open and public, also, which will likely eliminate the risk of a lot of these people getting away with it.

  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 04:55 PM Carla Buckle said...

    You forgot to mention that very often a child is placed with an abusive parent, this doesn’t necessarily mean violence or sex abuse, there are other forms of abuse not even acknowledged or understood by the authorities and when you even attempt to give them an education into this type of abuse, your mental health is questioned because what you are trying to alert them to is not the norm then you must have mental health issues.
    It has been brought to my attention just lately that social services when interviewing children use negativity to discredit the parent they want to take the child from, the child is very easy to manipulate, it makes sense that the child often believes the authorities, after all haven’t we all brought our children up to respect authority, I think we have and our children will continue to do this because that is what we have drummed into them, the authorities know this so they have the added advantage of abusing their power of authority.
    Who really is abusing the child here?, I have visions of disastrous consequences on how this will affect the child in adulthood.
    This is child abuse of the worse kind, using a child’s vulnerability to protect the interest of the authorities.

  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 04:57 PM michaelmac said...

    No good asking the prime minister any thing about the welfare of children as he has proved he does not care, Dont forget he gave extra tax payers money to social services so they could meet targets of adoption, That never cared about the childs well being

  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 05:20 PM Teresa said...

    I do agree and myself as a child was put into care under abismal circumstances of Social Services failures. My mother went through many ss failures which led to us being placed with an abusive father and my mother removed of being a mum, my mothers mental health was questioned and SW’s replied to my mums letters of concern for our safety and social workers replied to her letters and told her we were all fine and doing well when in fact we were being abused and SS knew we were being abused at home and they didnt attempt to remove us from my father. The SW’s misled the court and custody was given to my dad who was an abusive man. The destruction it caused us as a family is irrepairable

  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 06:40 PM 'holly's' mum said...

    A big Big thankyou to No2abuse,who work tirelessly to get the word out and to everyone, i just want to say to people in the same situation or similar - speak up - dont be afraid. they have done the worst thing they can possibly do already - speaking up is nothing compared to that. I suffered years of abuse as a child as told in the article above - but i am blowed if i will sit back and allow ss and the system made to save us - to distroy anybody else.

  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 06:46 PM Yvonne Stewart-Taylor said...

    I am campaigning for the abolition of forced adoptions. My story has been made public, they tried to steal my granddaughter for forced adoption agenda. Our children are not commodities for the Government. They enslave families under false alleagtions and there is no answer for our complaints. The government are complicit with child abuse and therefore are child abusers, we are not and we dont deserve to be treated like criminals. Families are suffering inhuman abuse at the hands of government authorities and they dont care. I am now naming and shaming all of them.

  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 06:53 PM Yvonne Stewart-Taylor said...

    If you would like to use my story wich has already gone to UN re- Violation of Human Rights and actions against The Rights of The Child. I will be happy for you to use it. It proves authoritarian neglect, perversion of the course of justce, racism, perjury, departmental fraud and corporate corruption on the part of UK authorities and NHS Dr’s. False allegations of child abuse. All this happened in the U.K to an American child with no claim to UK citizenship. We are an international family and this case is known internationally.

  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 08:02 PM Beryl said...

    I didn’t forget the abuse that children go through as a result of social services, I was simply commenting on the specifics of the case in question.

    However, I have heard many, many cases of abuse and only wish that I could do something about it - personally.

    I intend to write to newspapers to try and bring this forward more and more, so the more information I have, I will use.

    I think that the biggest hippocracy of all this is that it was people like social services that set up the Children’s Act over 15 years ago to protect children from being harmed in any way, yet they are getting away with condoning and even assisting in the continued abuse of these children.

    What truly concerns me is that - for every one we hear about - I reckon there are at least 2 or 3 families out there too scared or ignorant of what support they can get from fellow sufferers to do anything about it or publicise it.

  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 10:51 PM Teresa said...

    What shocked me about this case is the SS and Cafcass not only didnt consider shared parental care that would of been of benefit to Holly but also the fact they disregarded Holly’s views to spend more time with her mother. If a child under no duress expresses the need to see mum alot more often or wants to return home the SS and Cafcass assume there is a sinister reason for the child wanting this and sadly misread or misrepresent the childs wishes.

    The other thing that is consistent with all the cases I have seen apart from two including in my own files regarding SS and my mother was that any mother who attempts to challenge the systems mistakes or misinterpretation is subjected by force to see psychiatrists and often forced into the mental health system when there is nothing wrong with them and yet they are branded as having just about every personality disorder under the sun. This must be a fantastic money maker for the professionals involved not only because they get paid thousands for one report but also for the care they then have to give the mother who is forced into their system and all because the mother was prepared to fight the injustice. Then the professionals make even more money when the mother fights back because those professionals know they will get alot more thousands of pounds for yet more evaluations and reports and the more they are negative the more they will make long term.

    It is natural for any mother to get distressed and upset or show challenging behaviour when faced with losing their children but what is shocking is the ability of professionals to turn it into a mental health problem because they know thats the one thing that will win any court over easily with and this is not an uncommon strategy

    Watch the film Changeling and see how a mothers mental health is attacked if the systems are challenged. Its a true story and recently released. Well worth watching

    Set in the world of 1928 L.A. where police corruption reigned and inspired by a true story, Changeling is about a single mother who goes to work one day and returns home to find that the worst has happened, her son is missing.  When she calls the police to report her lost son, Walter, she is dismissed as being an overly concerned parent.

    Time passes and eventually the LAPD report that they have found the boy, but when he is returned to her at the train station she discovers he is not her son.  The police try to convince her that she’s just in shock and her son has changed in the months he’s been missing, but she knows the truth and ends up challenging the system to find out what has really happened to her son.

    She puts in a great understated performance as the distraught and loving mother, whose journey takes her from being wrongfully committed in a psychiatric hospital, against corrupt cops in L.A. courtrooms, to the final confrontation with the man who abducted and may have murdered her son


  • On 6th Feb 2009 at 11:31 PM Teresa said...

    Holly’s Mum

    Hang in there and don’t give up.

    Social workers dont know the mums because they sinply dont spend any time getting to know any of you. Its not just social workers and many professionals are guilty of this. They make quick evaluations and assume they know you from the odd hour once in a blue moon or if they see mums upset and distressed they misuse it. They guess what mums are like and often get it wrong. If they catch you on a bad day because they have badgered you into fear that as soon as you react they misuse it against the mums.

    I as a mother would lose my rag with any social worker and professional and I am guilty of losing it when faced with extreme circumstances. It is called being human and it is so difficult to remain untouched by these situations and if you show a reaction they use it against mums and if you stay calm because your advised too they then twist it into you not caring. It seems to be a no win situation and they done that exact same tactic with my mother as documented in my files.

    Social Workers and Professionals need to do some more time with families and until that happens they will never get it right and they will continue making mistakes that cost children and families the right to a life. Sadly their tactics do not work in many cases and whilst chasing mums like yourself there is going to be children in serious danger being murdered or seriously abused because they are not even noticed by the Professionals.

    The Family Courts are abismal and in serious need of being brought into this century. Judges are rushing cases through on top of their pre existing errors and Judges need to start listening to all sides of the fence and not just sit on the side of the professionals and like my mum wrote in one her letters to the social worker in 1974 “your not always right”

  • On 8th Feb 2009 at 12:16 AM JO said...


  • On 11th Feb 2009 at 01:55 AM not a MP said...


  • On 18th Aug 2009 at 07:44 PM Seren said...

    I just thought i would let you know that on the 31st July 2009, H voted with her feet and refused to return to her fathers care. Allegations have been made by H re her stepmother and her school made a referal to social services, who chose to ignore it. H has invoked her rights as she is now 12 and has instructed her own legal rep. She is being very brave in standing up to ss, cafcass and her father and step mother and saying that she will no longer stand for it. I am so very proud of her xx

  • On 18th Aug 2009 at 11:22 PM Yvonne Stewart-Taylor said...

    Wonderful, they cannot silence the children either. What has happened to many of us is demonic. The master liar, Lucifer, seeks to destroy families and his hand, in the current corrupt system, of systematically designed torture of families, is apparent by its very design.

    The truth is that Lucifer will never have a body, he will never procreate and he seeks to destroy those who can. He knows that the root source of human happiness is to be found within ‘Happy Families”.

    He is running out of time and he wants to destroy as many of us as he can, in the short time he has left. This is why we are seeing a huge influx in family destruction by the state. He knows that some human beings will sell their souls, for money. This is exactly what Government authority civil servants have been doing.

    They have to hide behind secrecy because they know what they do is evil deeds.

    They will not succeed for much longer, in fact, they will not at all.

    Their days are numbered now. All we have to do is keep up the good fight and do it with all our might.

    We have legions of Angels, those who have already lived and died in Christ, who are on our side. If you could open your spiritual eyes you would see, that for each one of us on the Earth now, there are thousands standing with us for justice.

    This life is very short, when compared to Eternity. Where we will have Peace and security to finish nurturing our lost children. It doesn’t make a difference how we lost them in mortality.

    The one thing I can tell you, is that Motherhood and Fatherhood are Divine callings and God will not be mocked by Earthly Principalities, Dominions or Powers.

    Lucifer will not win this fight, we will.

    Have faith in Jesus Christ Our Saviour. He and only He can beat what we have been forced to endure. Torture at the hands of Satanic Government. This is the reality.

  • On 18th Aug 2009 at 11:35 PM Yvonne Stewart-Taylor said...

    This is fantastic. Good for her. I am sure that my only granddaughter will do the same when she is old enough. We have special children and the adversary will not keep them from us, I can assure you. All the best and courage grows strong at a wound, that is my family motto.

  • On 19th Mar 2015 at 08:25 PM Terrance J Wills said...

    Never known such bad people as the social workers dealing with my family members. I have never known anyone tell so many lies and get away with it. They visit my granddaughters school and give her treats (I call it a form of grooming) then deny it has happened when people have seen it, also threaten to take the parents to court and have the children removed, all this in front of the children, I often wonder if the Taliban would show more compassion/

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