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Martin Narey Barnados - Should This Man Make Decisions on Children?

18th Oct 2009 | in Social Care

Six months ago Bill Maloney and Pie ‘n’ Mash Films were approached by Justice4Survivors to tell their stories. This group of men were all sexually abused by senior prison officer Neville Husband back in the 70s and are now in the process of taking the Home Office to court. (Neville Husband recently served 8 years out of a 10 year sentence in prison for the offences and is now free).

Pie ‘n’ Mash Films, based in S.E. London are an independent film company working with the victims. Award winning Film director Bill Maloney, who himself has come forward as a former victim of institutional abuse, was approached by justice4survivors to tell their stories because they trusted him to allow them to tell the truth.

We are in close contact with representative victims for justice4survivors. Kevin Young (based in York), who is a spokesman for four child abuse victim charities, Richard Hall (based in Newcastle) and a third hero, the orchestrator and manager of justice4survivors (based in Newcastle) and who would prefer to retain his anonymity.

During our investigations we also found out that the youngest child in custody Adam Rickwood (14) committed suicide at the same detention centre only four years ago. Bill has built a bond with Carol Pounder, Adam’s Mother and with Adam’s family and friends who do not believe he committed suicide. The connection of ligature techniques both on the Medomsley victims and on Adam Rickwood is disturbing. The trailer for ‘Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes’ can be viewed on the homepage In connection with current news ... The media is currently awash with news of Ed Ball’s endeavours to create a paedophile-checking system that will make it necessary to register and check all people who come into contact with the supervision of our children.

Bill Maloney commented: “I can’t see the problem with vetting all people that have contact with children who are not their own - in a professional, semi-professional, voluntary or temporary capacity. National statistics tell us that one in every four of us have paedophilic tendencies. So these excuses for denying children their statutory human right of protection in these areas are verging on outrageous. What is becoming of our society and what do we expect in the future from all the victims who, in the majority, move on in to completely socially dysfunctional lives?”

Martin Narey, Chief Executive of Dr Barnardos also recently made the statement: “Take babies away from ‘bad’ parents at birth”. Martin Narey’s history is that of Governor for both Deerbolt Young Offenders Institution and Frankland high security prison (where he was assistant Governor at the same time as Neville Husband was a senior prison officer) – Should this man be making decisions about our children?

The restraining techniques used by children’s care officers should be made public; they are horrific and cause children as young as 14 to take their own lives.

Please view the trailer for ‘Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes’ at:
The full feature length documentary will be available soon on DVD and Pay
Per View.

Latest news article about the release of Neville Husband:

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  • On 16th Mar 2011 at 07:18 PM rae gingell said...

    Martin Nairey was formerly the head for the prison service - before he was appointed for his current position. Always struck me as odd this - until I read the info on this website.

  • On 3rd Dec 2014 at 01:38 PM Gueh said...

    i agree with rae..

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