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Kent Police Talk Tosh at Failures to Investigate Girls Drugged in Chemical Cosh

16th Apr 2009 | in Kendall House Child Abuse News

The Kendall House abuse scandal saw realms of documented evidence that has exposed a catalogue of failures by the Church, Social Care System but also by Kent Police

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “A full and detailed review of the case files by Kent Police and the Crown Prosecution Service in 2007 found there was insufficient evidence to bring any charges.” On Wednesday as reported in the Gazette Assistant Chief Constable Allyn Thomas said “Kent Police would cooperate fully should an inquiry be brought and added: “Kent Police have fully investigated previous complaints about Kendall House but there were no prosecutions”

Fully investigated?

How can Kent Police justify a full investigation when that full investigation consisted of Only two Kendall House girls neither of which were Teresa Cooper and they refused to investigate the drug overdosing, physical and mental abuse by many staff members who worked at Kendall House before, during and after the public exposure and yet the staff continued to knowingly participate knowing the serious concerns yet hide behind we were ordered to by Dr Perinpanayagam? If they were ordered to murder someone would they of carried it out and then think they are exempt from prosecution because they were told to do it? Did Adolph Hitlers hench men get away with blaming thier war crimes on Adolph Hitler because they were ordered too do it yet they knew it was wrong? They were prosecuted for it.

How can Kent Police justify a full investigation when the only crime they looked into was sexual abuse, refused to investigate any of the other allegations and ignored all the other girls who contacted them and they didn’t get so much as a reply from the police.

The Church and Local Authority informed the police of a serious allegation of sexual abuse in Early January 2007.

The church on 2nd February 2007 wrote to Teresa in response to her concerns at the initial time taken “I informed you in my e-mail of 19 January that matters relating to sexual abuse were being referred to the Special Investigation Unit of Kent Police. That has happened and it is now for Kent Police to determine how to proceed with these matters”. The Church were refering to one of the ex residents.

Kent Police several months after recieving that allegation of abuse failed to act upon that allegation passed onto them by the Church and Local Authority until Teresa Cooper demanded they investigate the allegations. Miss Cooper said “It is outragious that Kent Police ignored the sexual abuse complaint of another ex Kendall House resident for several months after recieving the complaint from the Church and Local Authority. They were extremely reluctant to get involved and they only ever contacted two out of all the girls who contacted them most whom didnt even get so much as a reply to their numorous messages left with the CPU. The two women they dealt with were treated appaulingly by the acting officer dealing with the allegations. One withdrew her allegations due to how she was treated and I had to find an independent advocate to intervene to prevent a further breakdown”

14th July 2007 Kent Police CPU still hadn’t seen the ex Kendall House resident whos allegations they recieved early January 2007.

After much frustration Teresa is then made aware in July 2007 that the alledged abusers she was told were dead or dying in 1994, the dying were still very much alive in 2008 over ten years later. One of the other survivors was also informed by CPU that one of her alledged abusers was dead in 2008 until she was informed he was in fact alive. The officer then informed her that he couldn’t trace one of the living alledged abusers so came in handy where he was found within two minutes almost on the doorstep of Kent Police when they hadnt found him since they first got the allegations in January.

One failure after another by Kent Police who then requested a statement from Teresa only for her to be told by the acting case officer that is wasn’t to deal with her abuse because as far as they were concerned they dealt with her abuse in 1994 and they only wanted her statement to help the other two girls cases one who wasn’t even residing at Kendall House when Teresa was.

The catalogue of poor treatment towards the women who had suffered traumatic experiences of abuse whilst at Kendall House is something Kent Police needs to address.

Kent Police have not investigated the Kendall House abuse in any meaningful way and a letter sent to Teresa in 2008 by CPU is available upon request and is a shocking response from Kent Police.


  • On 16th Apr 2009 at 04:47 AM Admin said...

    Kent police and Wandsworth clearly feel they are exempt from complying to the freedom of information act when it comes to the abuse of children in care

  • On 19th Apr 2009 at 12:03 AM Yvonne Stewart-Taylor said...

    Cumbria County Council and Police do not comply with the freedon of information act either. They just enjoy hiding behind it. Apparently they have recieved too many requests for information, from the tax paying public, a patern has developed, according to them, giving them the right to refuse to provide information. Children are being abused in care and they are not interested, they don’t care.

    My recent enquiries have not been answered, they have refused to provide information or answer freedom of information requests, failing to comply with the act and respond in the legislative time frame and have considered mine and other requests for information as vexasious and have assumed that they form a campaign, due to the number of requests. Nine requests have been lodged.

    I certainly do believe they have alot to hide. Totally corrupt, non demacratic, unprofessionally conducting underhanded business as usual.

  • On 19th Apr 2009 at 10:54 AM Admin said...

    Hiya Yvonne

    It makes us wonder what the freedom of information act is for when many of the government bodies themselves ignore their own rules and regulations.

    They should not be above the law be it civil or criminal.

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