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Independent Kendall House Reunion To Be Announced 2017. Organised by Ex Kendall House Residents

13th Dec 2016 | in About Teresa CooperKendall House Child Abuse NewsChild AbuseEvents

If you are interested in attending the Kendall House Reunion set up by Ex Kendall House residents, please email us on in confidence

In light of the situation, several Kendall House survivors are setting up an independent reuinon and funding. 

The venue will be a private setting away from the control of the Church of England. A comfortable place where ex Kendall House residents and their families can enjoy a relaxing day/evening together and free themselves of the church control and surroundings.

Over night stay will be possible for one person per family/couple and reduced fees for any additional people accompanying ex residents due to long distance travel and/or ill health.

As most of the Kendall House women are now aware, the Bishop of Rochester organised a reunion for Kendall House women to deliberately exclude and isolate Teresa Cooper from the other Kendall House survivors. They knew she would not be available for those specific dates. Another attempt to ruin Teresa’s rare time out from Kendall House matters for the third year running. The Bishop and church has consistently targeted and attempted to silence Teresa even in the lead up to Christmas, seperate the women into two groups meant to prevent all the women getting together - to prevent further legal cases against the church for themselves or the birth defects and illnesses. The church Kendall House reunion will be held at a church controlled preaching house for healing. It was a free venue for the Bishop of Rochester and Diocese of Canterbury where they can continue to steer and control women and the Kendall House abuse situation. They of course will say its to prevent the media knowing which the Diocese of Canterbury has already attempted. That is utter rubbish. The media have no intention of turning up at a reunion unless the church invites them and then pretends it wasn’t them. 

The church also excluded Kendall House women who wouldnt participate in the review due to the terms of reference and the churches deliberate exclusion of the children born with birth defects.


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