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How To Bury Bad Child Abuse News - Ask The Experts.. The Church Of England. Kendall House, Gravesend

By Church of England Kendall House Review Report Addendum Child abuse Teresa Cooper December Burying bad news Bishop | 15th Dec 2016 | in About Teresa CooperKendall House Child Abuse NewsChild AbuseGeneral News

The Church of England Publishes the Kendall House Review Addendum in Time to Destroy Christmas and once again, bury bad news with no thought or respect for the church victims.

The Church of England Kendall House review was first publicly announced by the Bishop of Rochester James Langstaff, during the terror shootings in France and the victims and survivors were either not informed or found out via Twitter.

The first Kendall House review report was published and the embargo lifted by the Bishop of Rochester,  at midday when Theresa May took over from David Cameron as Prime Minister. 

The latest addendum report was published just over a week before Christmas despite the Bishop of Rochester James Langstaff, sitting on it for almost a month. It has surfaced that the Bishop was understaffed and his schedule… too busy. Not so busy when the Senior Bishop rushed off to Norfolk to visit a personal friend in choir uniform. Another snub

Child abuse is clearly not a priority for the Bishop of Rochester James Langsaff or the ArchBishop of Canterbury whom Kendall House was under. The Church of England media mules use the Bishop of Dover in their latest media stories in order to distance ArchBishop Justin Welby, from the house of horrors that took place in his diocese.

It is a further and disturbing display of contempt by the Bishop,  senior church members and their media mules.  A church who carefully plan the best way to bury bad news with a total lack of care, empathy, respect or understanding for their own church victims.

Unfair media reporting has once again come into play from the Church of England. The main BBC Sanchia Berg, offered campaigner Teresa Cooper, an exclusive for BBC radio 4 TODAY program and the main BBC.  The Church refused to let Teresa give the story to anyone else in the media for the Kendall House report addendum and the diocese of Canterbury made it exclusive only to the BBC TODAY and BBC. The BBC waited until almost midnight when the embargo was lifted and then conveniently dumped the exclusive story so Teresa was unable to get anyone else to run the story in time for the report. The BBC then ran a positive church story for an organisation the church are patrons of. The media who were interested and regularly contacted the church for updates, were simply ignored and the church did not inform any of them the report was being released or had been released.

The only main stream newspaper to cover the story was the Telegraph by senior journalist and keen church supporter John Ingham. His reporting was more like a copy and paste article and made the church look apologetic. He failed to mention a Kendall House resident commited suicide during the review and that others had also attempted suicide due to the Bishops behaviour throughout the review and his lack of care or compassion.

Bishop of Rochester James Langsaff, was almost begged for therapy for one resisident. He not only refused but then went on a two week holiday. Priorities from the Christian Church.

Miss Cooper expressed her concerns to the Telegraph article and direct to journalist John Ingham, on Twitter. 

Teresa: Are you with the church?

John Ingham: Not at the moment but I will be next month.

Teresa then points out the one sided article and how he even skipped past the first few paragraphs and acknowledgement of her efforts for thirty years.

John Ingham: I saw that thanks. We gave it more than 1,000 words. No one else gave it virtually anything.

Mr John Ingham, would that be due to the church and Bishops underhanded media tactics which they are now well known and heavily criticised when it comes to child abuse within the church?

John Ingham’s, smug response was quite clear and his support of the church was obvious. He also failed to mention the severe child abuse report was released at Christmas after the Bishop and Church sat on that report for a month.  They intended to bury the story and cause as much distress as possible for Kendall House residents and campaigner Teresa Cooper for Christmas. It worked.

Welcome to the Church of England’s PR tactics and their supporters when it comes to child abuse reporting in the UK, where journalism has taken an all time low.



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