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Family Divides In The Family Division

8th Sep 2008 | in Legal, Justice & Court

Historically,  The spirit of the Family Court was once rooted in its desire to protect the victims of family life. Once the responsibility of monitoring the family unit was removed from the hands of the church and placed squarely in the hands of the State, Family Law became a tool for protecting parties against the familial anomalies of the time. 

Today, that desire has almost vanished, due to impossible burdens being placed on a legal system that is no longer able with any consistency, to fulfill its obligations to the public. These challenges are not figments of the court-attending families’ imaginations; these challenges affect everyone in the process, from laymen to lawyers and ultimately our loved ones.

The following series of articles on Family Law have been written with a view to exposing the problems within the Family Division and with the desire to advocate reform; to bring the Family Courts back to life and back to their roots.


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