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Crossing the Line - UK Parliament & the Wikipedia Edit Scandal

17th Aug 2014 | in About Teresa Cooper

Wikipedia articles on high profile cases were edited using Government computers.  Edits to Lee Rigby, Hillsborough, Jean Charles de Menezes and Damilola Taylor are among those edited from within the walls of Westminster.  Story here ...

Information was selected, deleted and replaced on contraversial wiki pages by the Governments secure intranet service which is accessed by most civil servants and the police.

The latest in the Wikipedia edit scandal was to my page, Teresa Cooper. I am the author of Trust No One and known child abuse awareness campaigner. I am a survivor of childhood abuse while under the care of Wandsworth.

I was horrified to discover the wiki pages on me were edited. Not only was the content malicious but also contained information from my confidential care records.
IP trackers display its location as Westminster hall on a T Mobile (Now EE) network. 

IP Westminster

Direct Government IP addresses were later identified by no2abuse admin as regular visitors to since an incident involving the Government minister, my MP for Brentwood and Ongar, Eric Pickles who verbally attacked me at a local event. Story here ....

The same IP addresses as published by the media in the Wikipedia edits scandal from within the Government.

This incident then led to further incidences that show a clear smear campaign against me here and prior to the malicious Wikipedia edit.
This is the story a leading Sunday newspaper didn’t publish yesterday, Sunday 24th August 2014 after allegedly sharing the evidence with the Government and the story was subsequently dropped. No explanation was given.

Story as follows

A PROMINENT child abuse campaigner claims her Wikipedia page has been altered - by someone at the Palace of Westminster.

Teresa Cooper says abusive comments about her were posted on the site in an attempt to mock her work over the past two decades.

The cruel taunts made references to both Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter despite her work in exposing child abusers.

Ms Cooper, 47, says that she was one of six women who were drugged and sexually assaulted in a children’s care home in Kent during the 1970s and 80s.

Since then she has fought to highlight the horrific abuses which happened while she was a resident in the Church of England run Kendall House home in Gravesend.

But she was left horrified when she saw her Wikipedia page had been altered to described her as a “renowned fantasist”.

The damaging comments described her as a “danger to herself and society at large” before bizarrely claiming she was banned from her local Tesco after “she accused the manager of stalking her when all he did was asked if she would like a buy one get one free on condoms”.

Making reference to notorious paedophiles Savile and Glitter the altered Wiki content said: “She is a world expert on child abuse, having completed the approved training courses at the internationally recognised centre in Kent, Kendall House.

“She soon rose to the rank of housemistress, where, on Savile wing, she attempted to beat the world record for violent abuse on children, previously held by Gary Glitter, of which she managed to match and exceed his score.

“She takes pride in being an attention seeking, child abusing, self centred, self absorbed, misogynistic, horse faced, rat nosed old slag and her cry of ‘I’ve been abused, buy my book’ can be heard all across Essex throughout the week.”

The in a final dig it stated: “On weekends, she likes to put on a tracksuit, sunglasses and smoke large cuban cigars.”

After turning detective Teresa traced the IP address - the unique numerical label assigned to each computer -  used to alter the Wikipedia page and found it had been used in Westminster.

Teresa’s medical files show that by the time she’d left Kendall House, aged 16, she’d been sedated 1,248 times with doses of tranquillisers and anti-depressants designed for adult schizophrenics and Parkinson’s disease sufferers, despite never having the conditions.

She later had three children with birth defects, which she believes were caused by the drugs.

In 2010 the Church agreed an “out-of-court settlement” with her, although no amount was mentioned and she received no apology.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopaedia that is free to use and can be contributed to by anyone, anywhere. It has volunteer editors monitoring the site to try and ensure only factual information is displayed across its millions of pages.

Teresa, who reported the incident to the police, said: “I was totally shocked. I’ve read about it happening before, about Hillsborough. I traced the IP address and found it had been used in Westminster.

“It’s obviously been done by someone who knows about the work and campaigning I’ve been doing.

“I’ve been to the police but so far they’ve come up against a brick wall. I just want to know who would do such a cruel thing and why?”


  • On 30th Aug 2014 at 07:59 PM Esther said...

    Hi Teresa, this is Esther (from KH Days).  Sorry to read about your distress.  I do ‘drop in’ on your website just to see how you are doing.  Hope you find your answers to this distressing situation.  Take care. x

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