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Convicted Paedophile James Poole Opens Dr Who Themed Cafe Shop in Lowestoft UPDATED

By Teresa Cooper No2abuse | 19th May 2014 | in Child Abuse

Former RAF Officer and IT Technician James Richard Poole, and father of two was found guilty after a two day trial at Teesside Crown Court back in 2002

Thousands of images were discovered on Poole’s computer after the Ministry of Defence police officers raided his barracks room at the RAF Leeming Tornado base, North Yorkshire on August 9 last year. The grim discovery was made when officers investigating harassment allegations against Poole, noticed an image on his computer screen. Four MOD officers arrested Poole and sent the computer to be examined. The extensive collection included 6000 pornographic images on his computers hard drive and two CD ROMS of indecent images, of which many were illegal images of young children.

Confirmation news story, that James Poole has opened up and running the Dawn of Time Cafe shop in Lowestoft

james poole convicted paedophile
Image credits to EADT News

James Poole, an IT technician had enough images to fill a staggering 100 30-volume sets of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Poole looked ahead , void of feeling or emotions as the jury read out their guilty verdict. He was sentenced to 18 months but appealed and later had the sentence reduced to 3 months. His conviction remained unchanged and stood guilty of 11 out of 12 crimes. He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register for seven years.

James Poole moved to Lowestoft where he was known as Jim and assumed the name Jack Dempsey on Facebook. He is also known as Jim Poole in the Lowestoft local papers who published articles on the opening of the Dawn of time, a cafe shop in December 2013.  Poole kept his dark secret from unsuspecting locals and local media as children, teens and families visited his shop cafe owned by Poole.

The Dr Who theme at Dawn of time is popular with adults and children and has seen two young girls as manageresses since its opening late 2013.  The cafe shop website includes a fund raising page for a children’s charity and webcam page which can be accessed by the public when on air.

Concerned locals posted their concerns on facebook after discovering his conviction on No2abuse.  Poole aka Dempsey took the stance, that to mock the situation on facebook threads and lie was the best route forward; they were written with the intention to upset those viewing the facebook thread. 

A petition was set up by a local man and has seen 591 signatures in 24 hours. You can view the petition here

James Poole aka Jack Dempsey aka Jason Locke photos of teenage girls

Photos posted in the public domain included a 16 year old girl with a snooker ball in her mouth and the comments underneath read

“Robert M Cassidy:  Yewtree on line one, Jim [smiley face winking]  Please take note of the Twitter comment and and he feels Yewtree is something to joke about?

robert m cassidy

Jack Dempsey       Their letter was only the start of it
S****  G******        I want to know where the rest of the ruddy snooker table is
Jack Dempsey       potting the pink is easy, the brown is really tricky on this one
Robert M Cassidy   That’s what I heard Jim [smiley face]”

*Yewtree is a police investigation into the sexual abuse of many children by prolific sex offender Jimmy Savile and others.  Former police detective Mark Williams-Thomas researched and presented the documentary Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile on ITV which gave victims a voice.  The total number of alleged victims was 589, of whom 450 alleged abuse by Savile. senior investigating officer, DS David Gray, said Savile used Jim’ll Fix It “as a vehicle to gain access to victims. “*

james poole aka jack dempsey

The comments are in response to a 16 year old girl (known to both men) with a snooker ball in her mouth. There are also several images posted in the public domain of the 45 year old convicted paedophile in close or intimate poses with the same 16 year old girl.  Images of another girl,show her posing in sexy lingerie and the photos allegedly taken by Poole.

Despite clear public concern, Poole has mocked the entire situation on his facebook page and Dawn of time page.

There are several concerns that have opened up further concerns on the protection of children and teenagers in the UK.

Paedophiles are always looking for new ways to get close to children and laws must be created, to prohibit any paedophile from opening up a business that sees child and teenage visitors. There must be laws created to ban paedophiles from using the internet and or prevent them broadcasting any live or recorded images, videos, live web cam from their homes, premises or public place: or to the public and to include a ban on the use other peoples IT equipment and internet services.

Paedophiles use the internet to distribute sickening images of abused children far and wide with many making a living from it. Child pornography is a growing problem due the easy access and use of the internet by paedophiles.

There are further restrictions needed and a long way to go in preventing paedophiles from abusing children and taking advantage of teenagers.

Please revisit no2abuse to read part two, coming soon

If you have any information related to this current matter, please contact us on in confidence.

Names used by James Poole

Jim Poole
Jack Dempsey
Jason Locke


Author Teresa Cooper has been harassed by these men on the internet and Mr Pooles personal friend Mr Robert M Cassidy states on Twitter, in public, to child abuse survivor and author Teresa Cooper

robert m cassidy lowestoft

So…. Mr Robert Cassidy not only finds Yewtree a joke? but also thinks a survivor of child abuse should hand over her child abuse compensation, to a convicted paedophile for a non libelous story here. A story that has stated what is in the media past and present and posted in the public domain by both men. Mr Robert M Cassidy also finds it ... and I quote “Fucking hilarious”  for a convicted Paedophile to sue a child abuse survivor for the compensation she was awarded for horrific child abuse at the hands of Paedophiles.

Cassidy also attacks Teresa Cooper by mocking the horrific Kendall House abuse and states this on her BIRTHDAY

Robert M. Cassidy @robcassidy84 ยท  Jun 11

@Teresacooper I’M mentally ill? The words ‘pot’ and ‘kettle’ spring to mind. Thanks a bunch, Kendall House, for producing this fruitloop :

Not to mention the lies, stated in public by both men about the author


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