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Conveyer belt of looked after Children in local authority care dead or alive?

10th Nov 2008 | in Looked after Children

When judges and social workers make the decisions to take children away from their family and either dump them in the failing care system or adopt them out have any of these decision makers looked at the very system they incarcerate vunerable children into? The very system that fails children who should be safe and are in fact more at risk than the very predicament they were originally in in many cases. Social Services are taking children into care for any reason they can possibly find and the number of children taken into care has grown with figures between 60 - 90 000 children now looked after in local authority care. Forced adoptions have decreased slightly whilst special guardianship orders have risen dramatically and any mother who’s child is placed under a SGO will tell you it is no different to their child being adopted because social workers ensure they never see their children again in most cases.

In a vain bid to avoid critisism social workers have gone nuts and are taking children left right and centre possibly to avoid critisism because children have died or been murdered as a result of social service failures to spot a child at risk. Why are social workers unable to recognise a child at risk?

Breaking up families has become a current debate because many of the reasons social workers take children are not valid and over zealous social workers will go so far as creating a situation in order to take the child.

The over zealous social workers take children and seperate families because they have now not only lost the true meaning of a child at risk but they now take it to the extremes where any reason is a good reason. The same social workers fail to see the long term damage caused and they fail to see the failures that are happening within the very care system they put children into. Once they have the child in the system the child simply becomes a statistic with no voice.

Sexual, physical, mental abuse of vunerable children in care is rife and hundreds of looked after children simply disappear without trace every year from the failing care system. 950 looked after children went missing in 2007 alone. The government couldn’t even tell you how many of those are dead or alive.

Do the decision makers take into account the failing care system when placing yet another child into it? No they don’t because they refuse to admit there is a serious problem not only with the care system in general but also in the way they manage cases they are involved with. When the decision makers make decisions for a child they fail miserably to recognise the damage they too take part in of the looked after child in their care. How can social workers say a mother is guilty of mental abuse if her child doesn’t attend school when social workers, police and judges take part in causing serious mental abuse to the children they make decisions on? Children are heard seriously distressed and screaming in family courts, begging for their mum’s as several police officers and social workers seperate the children from their mothers and older siblings, mothers screaming for their children who are dragged away by social workers and police, social workers who blatantly lie in court and commit purgery and yet they are never questioned.

I have seen evidence where one such social worker in Islington had a complaint made against him and guess who investigated that complaint? The investigator turns out to be no less than the social worker himself of whom the complaint was against. Islington who are well known for failing children in their care and it is extremely serious that Islingtons director allows social workers to investigate the complaints made against them and then shock and horror the social worker finds himself not guilty of the complaint made against him.

The social services and family courts have alot to answer for and the same problem will always remain and thats the fact the government does not listen to those who matter and with every child that speaks they are still not heard.

Judges, Police, Social workers, therapists, Caffcass, NSPCC fail the looked after child as much as the so called abuse, I say so called abuse because social workers are incarcirating children based on their personal opinions especially if they don’t like the mother and misuse their position which no one questions. They strip the child of their voice, they misuse their positions to target vunerable parents, they without a doubt make deliberate delays so they can frustrate families further and find ways to ensure they get the child. These social workers are the very people who don’t care where the missing children have gone whilst in their care, who took them, where did they end up if they ran away, are they alive or are they dead and what if they are in the clutches of the sick and twisted paedophile gangs out there who often come from higher places in organised crime against children. Those missing children from the care system become a statistic nothing more and nothing less because no one is listening. No one is learning and should children suffer the consequences of adult failures?

The British goverment fails more children than it has ever helped because they are not acting upon the alarming rates of vunerable children going missing within their own care.

Every missing child’s name should exist but they don’t exist because the government simply does not care what has happened to them

Failing court systems and failing criminal and civil systems fail to protect the most vunerable in the UK today and the only ones with any rights are in fact those who abuse or take part in organised abuse or covering it up.

The numbers of children looked after who went missing from local authority care in each of the last five years are shown here. This doesn’t include how many children may go missing that were placed in short term care.

The number of children looked after who went missing from care for 24 hours or more, in each of the years ending 31 March 2003 to 2007, including asylum-seeking children, was as follows:


2003 = 990

2004 = 730

2005 = 860

2006 = 890

2007= 950

These figures account for all children looked after excluding children looked after under an agreed series of short term placements.

The number of asylum-seeking children who went missing from care for 24 hours or more, in each of the years ending 31 March 2003 to 2007, was as follows:

23 Oct 2008 :


2003 = 70

2004 = 50

2005 = 70

2006 = 110

2007 = 90


  • On 10th Nov 2008 at 10:48 AM Kathy Ferguson said...

    I was in care myself for 16 years in the 1950 and 1960 Ireland and England and the NSPCC were complicit in my incarceration, where they took me to court to have me charged and sentenced all for being illegitimate and i still have this criminal record. All my family was stolen from me.  They are are doing the same today, with great enthusiasm. LITTLE CHANGES.

  • On 11th Nov 2008 at 06:49 AM Teresa Cooper said...

    The NSPCC are the new social services and far from independent Kathy. History keeps on repeating itself because those who have never been through what we have are the ones making the decisions because they think reading a book and learning how to fill out forms makes them qualified, it doesn’t.

    There are good social workers out there but the problem is there are too few of them and the good ones are governed by the bad ones who think nothing about underhanded tactics.

  • On 15th Dec 2008 at 12:06 AM Jonathan Yates said...

    The system toke advantage of me and Slander to get there point across and fake files, and fake criminal record when we complaint we not listen to. There stolen my life and I get harresment and threats in my community.

  • On 31st Mar 2011 at 06:56 PM Dandy said...

    I admire what your thoughts are Teresa, have you or someone you know or someone in your Family been a victim as well?

    Somone in my Family is about to be taken away as well with the Official Solicitor as the mastermind and would you believe it.. she is representing his/her Best Interests, this OS {WHO HATES HIS FAMILY} uses ‘deception and fabrication’ to the fullest, sometimes I think she works for Social Service’s and not a private Law Firm.

    I will fight them and expose their ‘inconsistencies and inhumane’actions.

    I really dont how know how is this gonna happen, but it will be ‘sad’ when and if this ‘evil deed’ does transpire.. it will be devastating to see parhaps the Police ‘inhumanely’ dragging him/her from the ‘loving’ Family Home in tears to live somewhere that she/he dislikes and want to stay living with family.

    There are No Concerns about the level of Care that I provide but, they’ve used fake information and fooled the Court but, the main reason is the Council wants to appoint a Deputy, they want his MONEY!!

    Let’s ee how they are going to acheive that, I am approaching the ECHR with this ‘inhumane’ removal which is not in line with Article:8: of the ECHR, ‘RESPECT AND RIGHT TO A FAMILY LIFE’.


  • On 2nd Apr 2011 at 11:23 AM Teresa said...

    Hi Dandy

    I grew up in care of the local authority and Church of England and can not only sympathise with the many children failed by the care system whilst they are in care but also with the parents because of what my own parents went through. The sad part is, I didn’t know the extent of the failures until I got my LA care files the end of 2006.

    I was always told by social workers that my mother abandoned me and didn’t want me so naturally that builds up a picture in the child’s mind of the parent. That picture does turn into resentment and anger because we are led to believe the social worker knows everything. After seeing my files I was horrified to see that not only had social workers lied to me my entire life in care but they did in fact take part in the biggest scam in wrecking my family life and then leaving me to be abused and when they took me into care I was abused far worst than can be imagined.

    It started with my mother being ill and needing help as she had three young children and my father was working plus a drinker. That was how social services ended up involved. My mother kept the most cleanest of homes, us children were immaculately dressed and cared for with the home looking like a show room home. My mother was a cleaning fanatic who took pride in her children and home. Her mistake was when she complained about neighbours and the social worker had an argument with my mum. That social worker decided to start the word of mouth that my mother was some kind of mental lunatic and she documented it on paper. Everyone else got to see that and they too formed an opinion of my mother without even knowing her and she branded a mental case for the rest of her life. When my mother complained she was being beaten up by my dad the social worker sided with my father and again made my mother out to be the bad apple because she simply didn’t like my mum.

    From that moment on my mum was not only suffering from domestic violence that got worst and worst because no one listened but she then had the added problem of a social worker who was going to make her life as hard as possible for daring to argue with her. The social worker clearly thought she was God.

    My mum wanted to leave my dad and take us and the social worker made that impossible so in the end my mum ran away without us because social services wouldnt give her somewhere to live with us and they didnt like her. She left us with my dad because she had no choice or end up dead as my dad was very violent. Social services then set about ensuring the division of us as a family and my dad couldnt cope with 3 young children on his own so he drank alot more but he set about legal proceedings to get full custody of us with the social workers help. The social workers failed to tell my mum of the hearing dates saying they didnt know where she lived which was in fact untrue. The court wasnt told my dad was violent and he was awarded custody because my mum didnt turn up at court because she didnt know. The solicitor tried to obtain that information and found themselves up against social services brick wall.

    That led to us being seriously abused at home and in and out of care and often being sent back home to a very violent father and through out that time, my mum was writing to social services begging them to see us and she feared for our safety with my father because he was violent. The social worker wrote back and told my mum we was all happy and well knowing full well my dad was beating us up and we was on the streets alot or suffering serious abuse because the police made it clear. The social workers didnt want my mum to know the truth or anyone else for that matter.

    Social services wrecked my entire childhood with one failure after another after another. They wrecked our family, they destroyed my mum and dads life and mine and my siblings lives. It took one social worker to set that ball of destruction rolling and the system to keep that ball rolling. My dad begged for help when he couldnt cope and the social services turned on him and refused to give it when he needed it.

    I am now 43 and the damage is still very evident in my life. I have written a book about my experience in care called Trust No One and have fought endlessly to seek justice and still do. I was never able to tell my mum and dad how sorry I was for never believing them when they told me the truth because they died and I got my files too late to know the truth. My mum had sent so many letters to social services and not once did they tell me, not once.

    The system is seriously flawed and I often see social workers misusing their personal opinions of mothers if they don’t like them and the wheels of destruction begin and wreck many families lives.

    I hope every one of those children sue the local authorities when they are older and I hope every mother who has their life in care used against them as adults in order to take their children on the fake notion of possible emotional abuse and that the mothers all start taking legal action against social services for the abuse they suffered in care thats then being wrongly used against them in order to take their children.

    The other problem is, if the care system has damaged the mothers so badly why the hell are social workers taking away the children and putting them in care just so they can keep the ball of destruction going because that child will then end up emotionally harmed by the care system and then when that child gets older social workers will then use that against that child when they have children. Its a continuous pattern of behaviour from the social services. It is one that makes the money system go round and it keeps professionals in a very comfortable life along with social workers. They all stand to make money out of the child care system at the expense of children and families.

    How else will they make money? they make the tax payer cough it up by telling the tax payer the care system is needed to protect children so the tax payer is happy to pay their dues. But that tax money is used to line the pockets of MPs and professionals on a large scale.

    Its odd how social workers cant spot a child thats seriously being abused like baby peter but they can use a crystal ball to predict the fate of children not at risk by misusing the term emotional harm. It is a money making scheme. It is not cost effective to target mothers who do seriously harm children or fathers who do because the evidence is clear and the ball stops rolling very fast but to target mothers who will fight is a great money maker for all professionals involved so the harder they make it for the parent the more money they stand to make.

  • On 11th May 2011 at 10:02 AM DIANE CIMINO said...

    i clearly understand this story as i am in the middle of suffering same type of abuse by social workers in worcester county council and my sons are being abused in foster care which i have proof of but police in west merica are ignoring the evidence

  • On 18th Jun 2012 at 11:33 PM Andrew Nixon said...

    My daughter and her partner have a 14 month son whom they worship, recently they went to the doctors because he had bruising on the top of both ears. The doctor they saw was not their regular one.The next thing they knew social services were on the door demanding that their son will have to go to hospital for tests. The harrowing,traumatic and traumatising period that followed was simply unbelievable.Their son has been taken into care but nobody will give a reason why? How can this country get away with these draconian measures is totally beyond comprehension. They have done nothing wrong other that care for their child and are having to suffer this.
    Now we have been told that everyone in both families who have had contact with my daughters son will have there backgrounds checked for risk assessments! My advice to those in these offices is look in your own backyard before checking others. When you walk out of work you may find someone checking on you to see what you are doing to your kids, thats if any of you are capable of conceiving any!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • On 12th Dec 2012 at 03:18 PM stephanie tarpleee said...

    my son and his wife took their daughter to the docs as she had a rash and bruising ,the next thing social services turned up and because they could not explain where the bruisin had come from BECAUSE THEY DONT NO, she has benn taken from them and have now been told if they dont admit hurting her she will go up for adoption, they said they will not admit to somethin they havent done,they are at wits end, but they have had a letter from the police saying NO FURTHER ACTION will be taken,but social are taking no notice of this, so who is the law in this,why wont no one take social on. please is there someone out there who will help us PLEASE. if she is adopt, i dont think i will ever see her again as im in my 60 s and her great gran definately wont as she s 89, please someone help us PLEASE . steph tarplee .. 07828677708 my mobile incase there is someone somewhere who will help us

  • On 4th Mar 2013 at 06:19 PM stephanie tarpleee said...

    i wrotethe comment above is there anyone who can help or advise us , my son and daughter in law have got to go to court this month an their social worker has told them , he will make sure they never get her back and he s going to put her up for adoption, they are devastated, please someone help them PLEASE

  • On 7th Oct 2013 at 11:51 AM K.Spencer said...

    I have just read your statement and am disgusted by these social workers.
    They are nothing but child and baby thieves.
    They get so much money funded to them for each child adopted this has to stop.

    I hope you had a good outcome and you was not another miscarriage of justice case.
    Would love to hear back all the best




















    i hope you had

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