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Channel 4 Failure to Care Debate - The Apology - No2abuse

4th Jun 2009 | in Events


Due to the disquiet over the Channel 4 Failure to Care debate, the number of complaints seen and recieved via no2abuse and various social networking sites including facebook welcomed the Channel 4 apology and look forward to seeing a positive change within the media and a fair representation of those attending such debates in the future.

At no2abuse we endeavor to campaign for positive change not only within Social Care that fails Children and Families but also within the Media and we wish to thank them for all their support in campaigning for a fairer system and that they continue to strive and give children and families who have suffered injustices a voice. Thankyou to Channel 4 for their response and we look forward to taking part in any further debates and to be given a chance to contribute in making changes that benefit vunerable Children and Families.

Channel 4’s response to no2abuse

Rebecca Renfro
Head of Stakeholder Relations

We would like to apologise if you feel you were misled about the format of the debate and the filming. We certainly were not trying to be misleading, but I can see how the confusion arose. We call these events public debates because they are open to the public to attend - we didn’t realise that some people might assume we were publicly broadcasting the whole event.

We’ve only relatively recently started filming the events for people who can’t make it to the live event - but we always get a lot of feedback from audience members saying that they don’t want to be filmed and are worried about talking about private personal things if they were going to end up on screen. As you know, there are also legal issues about filming people without getting their consent - but this is surmountable - the bigger issue from our point of view is how we make sure people don’t feel intimidated and how we create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable talking about personal issues.

I think - in trying to be sensitive to people not wanting to be filmed - we failed to appreciate that you did want to filmed. I know it doesn’t help you in this instance but we absolutely take on board your criticism and concerns - and we’re going to rethink how we do this in future. We still need to be careful about filming people who don’t want to be filmed - but we think there might be opportunities to film people at the end who have particular points they want to make - and obviously in this case it would have been good to do that.

In terms of your question about how we get advise on a season like this - we consult with a number of people who have direct experience (in this case personal experience of care as well as those who work in the sector). They work behind the camera as well as in front of the camera (like David) and take part in the various activities we plan around the season.

I completely agree with you - its really important that people who have direct experience are involved in what we’re doing.

Thanks again for you interest - I know that your concerns about the debate come from wanting to ensure this activity has a real impact which is exactly what we’re trying to achieve and I think we’ve certainly learnt from your involvement and comments

Channel 4


  • On 4th Jun 2009 at 06:19 PM Justice Prevails said...

    Yes and ” david ” has suddenly gone quiet and doesnt respond to anyone !

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