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And the Moral of the Story Is…..??

14th Jul 2009 | in Looked after Children

Privately Run Children’s Homes are slowly becoming the norm in the UK and are slowly replacing State Run Children’s Homes.

This was a point that was raised at the no2abuse Failing to Care - Back to Basics debate in Parliament on the 6th July 2009.

Privately Run Children’s Homes are run to make a profit, as they are a business. So in effect the owners of these Privately Run Children’s homes are making a profit from looking after the Country’s most vulnerable Children.

A long discussion was had at the debate about this topic which has prompted me to write this article.

It is my belief that it is morally wrong to make a profit from looking after Children who have unfortunately come into the care system. I think many would agree.

So why is this happening? I mean we are quick enough to put down Mother’s who have Children so they are able to claim extra benefit money, or to be eligible for a larger home as this is in effect having a baby to make a profit.

Many at the debate agreed that Private Children’s Homes should not make a profit from looking after our most vulnerable Children, after all our Children are not commodities.

Tim Loughton, The Shadow Minister for Children put a different view on things. It seemed his belief that whether Privately Run Children’s Homes made a profit or not, as long as the Children were looked after well this was all that mattered. He went on to say that in his constituency there are 8 State Run Children’s Homes which leave a lot to be desired.

While I agree with Tim that the care that the Children receive is the most important thing, however I do not agree that it doesn’t matter whether these Homes make a profit.

Our Children should not be used to line Businessmen’s pockets with £50 notes, they need to be nurtured and loved now and into their future.

I would like to see this profit put back into providing the best possible care and outcomes for these Children. One example would be into a trust fund so that when the Child leaves care they have a ’nest egg’. Children who live with their Parents have this so why shouldn’t the Children in Care?

Maybe this is a moral issue but it is something that I truly believe in. Every Child in the Care System has as much right to a ‘normal’ life like Children who live at home with their Families have.

The same goes for providing for their future. Parents don’t stop caring for their Children when they hit 18 years of age, so why do the people who run our Care System think is acceptable for Children to leave care at 18 years with no provisions for their future?


  • On 14th Jul 2009 at 07:34 PM B Safe 1st Always said...

    You are right that it is wrong to make a profit from running childrens homes as a business in the private sector. It does matter. And I am as sure as you that many would agree. To any MP who would say that there are public run homes that leave a lot to be desired. Then it is there duty with this information to do something about it. It is not a reason to explain private sector involvemnet. And although Abuse can and does exist in Public care homes. It frightens me that there is or should be private sector homes taking over the care of vulnerable children it is moraly wrong. And I believe that it passes on the responsabilty of members of our society (because that is what they are NOT OUTCASTS) onto someone else. Who through no fault of their own may find themselves in this situation. There are some parts of our society which should be provided by public sector alone. This is something there should be no privatisation of, our care to the vulnerable… in this case children.

    Thank you for sharing this isue raised.

    yours sincerely


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