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80% Children Seriously Injured or Killed are Missed by the National Child Protection Register

15th Nov 2008 | in Baby P Haringey - News

Social services failures are not a modern day occurance with the deaths of children from social service failures dating back as far as the 40’s but what alarms is nothing has changed in over 6 decades with failures inceasing as children slip through the net and end up dead.

With more and more parents resorting to child abuse and murder 80% go undetected by social services , police, health professionals, NSPCC and various other bodies have failed to either notice the warning signs, communication failures or fail to listen to other people’s growing concerns. Children seriously injured or died bringing about serious local authority cases between 2005 and 2007 showed 33 out of 189 children were on the register. An increase in 2005 - 2007 of 17% from the previous 2 years of 2003 - 2005 and between 2003 -2005 45% of children seriously injured or killed were not known to Social Services but likely to of been known by other public authorities.
Between 2005 - 2007 most of the serious cases were babies under one and almost a quarter were younger than 6 months whilst a quarter were over 11 years old and a sagnificant number aged 16 - 18. Suicides following abuse, missing children are included.

The government and it’s system have failed children not only in care where last year alone saw 950 children missing some feared dead and yet the government and local authorities are not exploring what happened to these vunerable children in the care of Social Services. The most vunerable children across the country let down by local authorities and they have learnt nothing in 60 years. Millions of pounds later, extensive training and with so many guidelines many are misinterpreted, ignored or misused by the very carers and social workers themselves and yet with very little come back because complaints are handled by the department complained about as seen in a recent case in Islington Social Services and many others across the nations Social Services.

Social workers go on wild goose chases of innocent families hunting down any reason to back up their notion that the parent is always wrong even in accidental injuries such as injuries when on family trips where parents have no history of violence or mental health. Parents where one child is a school truent are also targeted and those social workers spend alot of time targeting innocent parents as they hunt down any kind of information in what is almost an obsession to prove the parents have abused when in many cases protected by the family courts the child hasn’t been abused or neglected. Because of the secret family courts methods those innocent parents are unable to prove their innocence because social workers and judges ensure they are not able to seek such evidence leaving the families at the mercy of Social workers intent on taking their children. We are seeing a daily trend now of social workers misusing their positions even in cases where they simply don’t like the parents or think they have something to hide. Doctors are getting it wrong regularly too but no one is able to question the professionals because the family courts believe the parents are always wrong regardless.

This is a very dangerous practice by Social workers because whilst they are targeting innocent families they are ignoring the children who do need help which reflects in the 80% of children seriously abused or killed undetected by social workers. The sooner the family courts are opened the truth will come out and for all those uneccessary forced adoptions where social workers have got it wrong the law should account for their mistakes and return those children to their rightful parents. Social Services need to start concentrating on the 80% they miss.

With all the internal problems and constant crisitisism social workers have gone from one extreme to the other in a mad frenzy to beat off what they percieve to be harsh judgements against them. 

Hundreds of parents have been stripped of their children for no genuine reason and their children adopted out never to be seen by the parents again.. Many parents are not being given their rights even with the SGO as social workers are ensuring the rules are not followed.The social workers in many cases like this are content to cause so much trouble for the innocent that they do miss the real dangers in their quest

During the Haringey trial of Baby P a mother was targeted by Haringey social workers and they tried to take her 2 hour baby away when they havent even bothered to check on the ex partner who abused children and now has more children unchecked and probably at risk.

Social services failures in Haringey where Baby P died at the hands of his abusive mother, her boyfriend and the lodger (related to BF) will remain a future problem because with all the investigations they may hold you can guarantee not one review will learn anything because they refuse to listen to those that can help or at the very least give them valuable insite. Sadly the likes of Ed Balls do not make a difference.


  • On 15th Nov 2008 at 07:22 PM michaelmac said...

    Ed Balls Does not care neither does any one else in the government

  • On 16th Nov 2008 at 10:05 AM michaelmac said...

    Look how the Prime minister acted with the BBC, Then look at his comments about Baby Peter, Teresa we need to get more involved in child protection work, Or more children will die and be abused

  • On 16th Nov 2008 at 11:35 AM michaelmac said...

    The entire Brish Government are breaking the UN HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS, ON JUSTICE AND A FAIR TRIAL, As i write this ED BALLS refuses to hold an inquiry into abuse of young girls in care in Kent, My understanding of the human rights laws is that those who refuse people justice are fully backing torture of those wronged

  • On 11th Dec 2008 at 02:53 PM Aleesha said...

    Can we please stop hitting and hurting children. we need them in this world. {tear}

  • On 11th Dec 2008 at 02:56 PM Annonymus said...

    i want child abuse to end because i was a victim of child abuse and i know what it feels like so i want it to stop. NOW

  • On 12th Dec 2008 at 12:52 AM Teresa said...

    Hi Aleesha. There is too much of it going on and what is needed is public awareness because they never know when it will happen to one of their own and sadl too many people think it wont happen to their children or to children of those they know but it does.

    Anon sad to hear you were absued :-(

  • On 12th Dec 2008 at 08:19 PM michaelmac said...

    Thank you for your replies, This is how gutless our government is, Four mps were sent a letter that could if they had acted on it saved baby P, Brown talks about accountability but when it comes to mps he is silent, He talks about new laws will be made if needed, We have the laws but NON ARE USED TO PROTECT CHILDREN, Our human rights laws give child abusers more rights than children, The government could alter it if they wished but NO, Because many of their lawyers friends would not be able to make a fortune out of the tax payer

  • On 11th Feb 2009 at 07:11 PM a caring loveing mum! said...

    i am a mum of 3 children. i split from my partner who was abusive and locked my older child now 20 in a room. i stoped all visits and he just took me to court all the time. he got is visits. but 8 years on and he still wants to see is younger children. i had a mini brake down 2 years ago when i was over it we disided to move to wales from the middlands. but he stoped us. abuses gets away with too much and use some parants mental health and do reports on me and not on my ex who now as a girl frend that hurt my daughter she says she tried to stop her running in a post. then she changes it and says a climing frame but my children went to the part of the park and never mentoned nothing of this. socal services took my ex parners story and dismised it. my daughter claimed she was holding her dads hand and wanted to run with her dad and is girl frend pulled on her hood and left a mark on her neck. it is when people get away with it and look at the insion peron or the person the children are are not being liesend to and one is now 8 and one 9 and one 20. i had a break down becase of all this and i am doing well but socal services put people down to and let the real abusers get away with it. that is the bit i do not get then you get peple like geting hurt or realy abused. both parents shold be check fully by the court not just the one that as had the children since birth. we split when the youngest was 1 years old and he is now 8. and they still alow contact and when things go rong it is me they put down the one that cares well for the children and do not blink a eye to the fact the children are at risk not from the one that does the full time care what abot the cases of parents that want custody or contact shold this be fully checked to. and find out why they devorse for unresable behaveor and things. soem one let me no what you think and how can we try to change that or what can i do to help change the law? i want the best for all children from split marages to have the best and both parents are to be fully check if like me i am a good mum and wold not hurt the kids then they shold not have a problem to let them delve in medical history and parenting and things. but it goes for mums and dad. they fully check soem adoptive parents and foster carers and things so they shold check both parents. not just one that had a small break down and maily due to live circumstaces. there are difent kinds of mental health and some are good mums or dads. and (there are some ok i no wold hurt there kids) but full checks shold be done on both side to ensure childrens saftey on all visits to. child minders that only have a child a few hours a week get check and so shold parents of a child that visits the other parent wither over night or a few hours. then we wold not have so many children slip the net!

  • On 23rd Mar 2009 at 03:58 PM shelley said...

    There needs to be more study amongst professionals concerning child abuse, they are making terrible mistakes with the very first ports of access such as Doctors & social workers. checks need to be done as a matter of fact with anyone the child may come into contact with, it is evident that males are putting more children at risk than females, in fact the female parents are at risk from male abusers. One of the most useful qualifications of a professional is a criminologist, yet the Government dismisses it’s use in it full capacity, as far as i am concerned this is gross neglect on behalf of the Government & it’s education system, not to mention it’s employ of certain professionals.

  • On 4th Jul 2009 at 08:27 PM MISS LAURA RIDGWAY said...

    my name is Laura Ridgway

    I would like to tell you I have had enough
    of Social Services taking my baby away from
    me since he was born and they had a court
    order but had no evidence to take my child away from me for no reason and they took the child out of the hospital ward and i had got my family support but please do something right now and i want my child back with my mum

  • On 5th Jul 2009 at 01:54 AM kereena said...

    this is for laura! ifeel you need a solistor for one. and depending on your age see if there is a charity that will be frend you and go with you and your mum to all the meetings. it is a start to try to put something right for you and your baby. sounds to me that they never gave you a chance and that is not right. rather than take a baby away from there mum/dad and they feel just in case they was right and another splip throw the net like baby P. they could set up hostals to keep a eye on you for a month or some thing.if we love are kids the way we shold and want the bes for them we take tat route and hope we can enjoy the time with are baby or even children if we are ill or have to have a big OP and got no one to care for are children then there should be help to keep them all to gether on return of the parent from any hospital. i would do that rather than takeing a child or baby away when it is the best time for parent to bond with there children even thow a illness. i hope things get beter i realy do for are childrens sakes. kereena

  • On 16th Aug 2009 at 02:22 PM carol said...

    just like laura my sons daughter was taken away at birth by social work for no valid reason, they say thet are acting on the childs best interests then that should surely mean she should be with her parents in a loving home not with stangers

  • On 31st Mar 2013 at 12:20 PM Kerry said...

    I have only recently become awareof the scope of child abuse. I suppose it was the Jimmy Saville media coverage that spurred me on to do some research,  what I found is below belief! 1000, s of children have been abused & murdered in care homes. The staff were well aware of what was happening to the children & did nothing…they are culpable to all the abuse.

    People now need to stand up, speak out and force the media &  police to investigate every claim. We know it starts at the very top in society, hence the¬†¬†silence & cover-up. This needs to be brought into the open. NAME AND SHAME ALL PAEDOPHLIES, from the top to the botton. All abusers should pay dearly for their crimes against children. If we don’t stand up for them, who will?

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