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Teresa Cooper's No2abuse covers news and articles about Kendall House children's home and the injustices to Children and Families . Includes special BBC reports: Sedation linked to birth defects and Living with the legacy of care by Angus Stickler.

Teresa Cooper - a shocking story of Social Services failures where she was eventually placed in the notorious Kendall House children's home.

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Author Teresa Cooper will see several new books published for 2014 including Two lives, one heart, Clutching straws and The minority of one. The best selling published author of Trust No One also has a keen interest in wildlife and nature photography, which you will find available on Canvas and other forms of printing products. Trust no one by Teresa Cooper is now available for immediate e-book download on

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Tory Minister Eric Pickles. Understanding the Definition of a Smear Campaign

28th Mar 2015 | in

Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar's smear campaign against survivor of childhood abuse and author Teresa Cooper

A wealth of public money, lawyers, journalists, services, local government, police, media and an army of professionals at his finger tip.  It’s of great concern that a senior Tory minister who is armed with a great deal of power at his disposal, would use it to abuse his position to discredit and smear CSA survivor and author, Teresa Cooper.

This is not the first incidence and attempt to discredit Ms Cooper and the Kendall House abuse by her constituent MP, Mr Pickles. Articles BBC HERE and Independent HERE

The definition of a smear campaign on Wikipedia

Pickles smear campaign will inevitably of had a major impact on Coopers life given his powerful position as a senior Tory minister for local government.

The smear campaign took yet another ugly turn when an article appeared in Politics UK, titled ‘Pickles, ‘Medication woman totally unreasonable’. 

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