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Teresa Cooper's No2abuse covers news and articles about Kendall House children's home and the injustices to Children and Families . Includes special BBC reports: Sedation linked to birth defects and Living with the legacy of care by Angus Stickler.

Teresa Cooper - a shocking story of Social Services failures where she was eventually placed in the notorious Kendall House children's home.

New for 2014

Author Teresa Cooper will see several new books published for 2014 including Two lives, one heart, Clutching straws and The minority of one. The best selling published author of Trust No One also has a keen interest in wildlife and nature photography, which you will find available on Canvas and other forms of printing products. Trust no one by Teresa Cooper is now available for immediate e-book download on

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Kendall House Review and The Church of England - Christmas 2014

22nd Dec 2014 | in

The Kendall House abuse review and the delays

Due to a number of issues with the Church of England, the Kendall House Review will not be making an appearance for 2014, after several months of delays.

It is now neck and neck with the Governments Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Inquiry that has also been riddled with problems and delays.

They both lack understanding of the affects it has on survivors and their lives. It takes its toll on Campaigners lives too.

January 2015 will see the Kendall House Review make a significant appearance in the media and questions will be asked.

The last few months delays reflect…

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